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The Preface to the .1, an, as that it fhould feem to him an evil to attempt to heal us. Its fad tome to fee it withus, as Augufline Tome- time complained, Epift. 147. mgriti 6- uxores de fuo Lego fibs confentitint : & de Chrifit altari diffentiont : Filii cum perentibtts foam domum habent foam &domum Dei no habent Imam, Succedere in eorum hareclitatern cupiunt, cum quibus de Chaphereditate rixantur.Servi &Domini-Com- munemDeumdividunt, quiformam fervi accepit ut omnes ferviendo liberaret. In a word, it is my daily delire, and prayer to God, That thofe men who hate fo narrow a Creed, and fo large a Church, and think fo contemptuoufly of men, for fomefail- ings in Dogrine or Prthice may not by a fad eruption of open Infidelity among us (and that by means of fuch as were ftrig profeffors) be forced to let a higher value on thofe whom they now contemn: I milli fay as Greg. N4idnK:Orat 26. pag.458. Tu viamminime tritam& inacceffam ingre. deris : ego tritam atque calcatarn, &qua multi ad falutem pervenerant. Nihilfidenoftra, fratres, iniquius fingi pofset fi ineruditos tantum dicendique facultate, ac Logicis demon- firationibus excellentes caderet popularis autemmultitude, ut aura & argento, aliifque omnibus rebus, quxhie in pretio habentur, atque a plerifque avidifsime expetuntur , fic hac pope fruftraretur, ac Deus id quad altum excelfum of atque ad paucos pertingit gratum acceptumque haberet contra , quad propinquitts eft , nec vulgi captum fuperat, afpernaretur &rejiceret. Vide relict. Yet I mull confefs that the Brethren whom I now blamehave one extenuation (though not fuflicient ex- cufe,) for their fin ; fomany and defperate errors have of 'One rifen up, that it is no wonder, if they be railed to MOmuch jealoufie, and be too ready to charge error upon that fpeak any thing which theydo not well under - fland. SaithBrafinsis invita Hieronymi. 1Vallion fiat un- pas