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ThePreface' to the Readefs. panr feculurn feditiofirrs,nepre confgius cfrfic ornniacon- taminarant hareticorron errores ac difsidia, rit magrke carisf- darn antis fuerit orthodoxarn effe. But yet it is fad that this fhould fo much wrong the Truth of God, by driving men into fuch extreams, as the fame Eralnuts there men- tioneth, ifto fattiofifsirno Pcao , prifqtram exirnie dodos barefeos fafpitione carebat. A wife man is long in attaining to wifdom, and with much diligence knoweth more then others : but its eafie for a brainfick felf-con- ceited Opinionift, to call him Heretick for it, when he bath all done. . The feventh and great Objection is, that I afcribe toomuch to mans works. To which having anfwered throughthe main body of this Book, I mall now only fay, i. That I fuppofe if I differ from the commoneft opinion among us, it is but in giving lefs to mans works then they do : Nor (hail their confident denial without anyevidence, make me think otherwife. He that is ju- ftified by Faith as an instrument, is juftified by it as an a- , gent or ad ; for Joie eft Inflrumenti caufalita. I dare not go fohigh for all the newArguments that I fee produ- cedfor it. 2. I fee manywell meaning zealous men di- viding ourReligion,and running into two defperate ex- treams. One fort by the heat of oppofition to Popery, do feem to have forgotten, that Faith and Chrift him- felf, are but Means, and a way for the revolting _foul to come home to God by ; and thereupon place all the ef- fence of their Religion in bare Believing, fo making that the Whole, which is but the Door or Means to Better, even to a conformityof the foul to the image' and will of God. Others obferving this error,flie fo far from it as tomake Faith it fell and Chrift to be fcarce neceffary o fo a maa have but Gods image, fay they, upon his foul, what (d) matter See Effbop Andielvs oen the fifth P don of the Lords prayer, how forgiving others is a condition of our Pardue.