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The Preface to the Readers. yet a difference I make); and yet fuppofe that I am fo far from difhonouring free Grace hereby, that I fhould but deny and reproach it, if I did otherwife. For its greater Grace to give juitification and Sanctification then to give one alone. &refl. Epift.. 3. Voluf. faith Chrill came In Magifleritim Adjutorium: And its cal- led Adjutorium becaufe fine Gratia fidei guts 46 illo efl Nemo poteft vincere concupifcentias vitiofas : Et Piqua ea- rum refidua non vicerit venia1i Remit lone prergari. Here is that common old Do6trine which fome fay is a joyning. Cbrifts righteoufnefs and our own : vi, ( Though Chrift pardon all former fins at our Converfion,yet for the time after) his firfi work is to fanefifie , and pardon- doth but lave us from the penalty of the reit., which through the Imperfeecion of Sanctification is not over- come-And douhtlefsour bell obedience is but a Recei- ving more, and therefore a fruit or part of Grace, gull. Epi 5. Marcel.. Nihil Deus Eibet podfibi profit fed illi cui Juba. I do therefore fo afcribe to man, that Gods Grace way be advanced by it, and not denyed or extenuated. As Aua-uft. Epig 46. Valentino..Si non eft Dei Gratia,quo, :nolo mundum? Et fi non ell liberum Arbitrium,qtao vwodo Thaicat Munclum ? The old character of a Chri-- ftian was not only from his belief or Imputed Righte- °ulna's. Tertull. Apol. c. 40. Nos vero iejuniis aridi, ornni continentiaexprefri,ab omni vit& fruge dilati,infacco cinere voluntates,invidia cerium tundimus Deum tan- gitnas cum miferecordiam extorferimus, Augu- flings whole tradate de fide & operibus is worth the read- ing to this bufinefs, cap. 2t. p. 34. Floe itaque prodep in ileumre0a fide credere, colcre, _Dem noff'e,.ut e vivendi 46 ill. fit nohis peccaverimus, 46 illtriaulgentiammereamur non inPa is qua odit fccuri (d 3)