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Th'e ?reface to the Readers. Iftfe inter Chrifium Legern inter'edi rophtbt : Hoc jpiritualis Legis profeaor & finis, C Huc exinanita Mims o Huc agOmpta Coo: Hoc nova mixtio, Dew in. glum Homo, Vide relit". The Affedions of man do thew his Nature and In- clination :-what a man Loveth, fuch he is. God is Ho- ly, and therefore Loveth Holynefs : The Righteous Lord loveth Righteoulnefs. Did God care as little what weare in our felves,as Come Imagine,& couldlove with Complacency, the unholy, Impenitent, Rebellious fin- ner, upon,fuppofition:that Chrift is Righteous and Ho- ly for him, he were not what he hath told us he is in his Word. Todeny God tobe Holy. , is to deny him to be God . And he that once believeth he hath an un- holy God, or a God fo indifferent to the Holy and un- holy, no wonder if he be unholy himielf. For all will, affect tobe like their God ; At lean- none lure will think it neceffary tote better thenGod. No wonder there fore that the Heathens lived wickedly, who worihip- ped wicked livers as their Gods. It is a Cutting paffage of Auglifline,Epijf. tot. Ne- dario, telling out of Terence of the young man that was incited to lechery, by feeing the picture of Jupiter on the wall, committing adultery 5 he adds , that if he had chofen rather to imitate coo than 7upiter, he had never been fo tempted : Sed quo panto idfaceret cum in Templis adorare cogeretur lovcm patios guano Catonerno , They that feign God fo indifferent to Holynefs, which his people excell in, doeither make holynefs a defer, and none of Gods Image, or elfe they make man to be better then God and Confequently to be Gods :. For he that is BO is God. I muff herefore be excufed, if I make not fuch a di -. ance between Faith aad liolynefs) as form do (And Y-Fc"