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The Preface to the Readers. thren that I have fpoke with fince they read it, do tell mo, that they judge the contradiction to me to be fo fuperfi- dal and without proof, that I need not be folicitous to hinder its fuccefs : Though for mypart,I bear fome kinde of reverence even to his miftakes, throughmy love and reverence tohimfelf. And I (hall the more eafily be perfwaded to forbear more writings of this fort, not only becaife my friends at a diftance do fo importune me to a more profitable kindeof imployment, but alfo becaufe it pleareth God of late to call out more enough to fuch undertakings. There is newly come out againft Antinomianifin, as Mr. Hotch his Exercitationof Remiffion of fin, fo Mryvarren apainft Mr. Eyre, and Mr. Grail againft him alfo, for the conditionality of the Covenant of Grace : and both ju- dicious, and well worthy the reading : which I willingly fay, though the former 'differ from me about the notion of Faiths inftrumentality , and before the later Matter Conflantlefrop hath publifhed a largeEpiftle to vindicate Dr. Twit from that opinion about juftification which I fupppfedhim to be gullty of. And truly I was much ta- ken with that Preface whien I read it, and faid, Its pity it should be upon miftake : and if it be, me thinks (in that cafe) I am ready to love his iniftake, for the charity in it, and the defirablenels of the thing afferted, more then myown ungrateful interpretation, though it fhould be true. And I heartily thank that Reverendtrother for his candid and ingenuous labor ; wherein ' if he hit in- deed the Dotors fenfe, he hath not only befriende,d-me, for the readying of my iniflakes but alfo befriended the Church, in taking from the An tinomians theadYan- tage which they feemed to have by the repucation of - fb- Learned a man as Dr.' Twifie For my own part, I owe more tohiswritings, for n-iy information in thole points,' ( e 3 ) where