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The Preface to the Readers. nto confideration : and if I Reply to all his, it teems,' I (hall do what he judgethunmeet. /. It to falls out that have anfwered him already in this Confeffidn, before I faw his Book: fo that I think there needs nomore. Whe- ther it be new Doeirine to affert filch conditions as I do, andwhether his Doctrine, pag.346. be true or tolerable, that43 inChriflsHering we were looked upon by God asfuf- fering in him ; fo by ' hrifts obeyinf of the Law, we were be- , held as fulfilling the Law inhim, be. I leave it to.the Rea- der to judge, when he hath read what I have here faid to the contrary. But I mutt defire my Reverend Brother not tobe of- fended that I prove this dodrine the very foundation of Antinomianifm; For when I did that,I little thou ht that he would own it : and if I had, I durft not have been lent. 3. If I may efcape thecenfure ofcharging my Re- verend Brother with contradidions, or labour in vain, I would defire the Reader to confider, whether after all his gainfaying,hedo.not openly aver the fame doeerine which I. maintain ? pag.1 18. he gives us thefe words,as remarkable in adifferent Chavader. For though holy works do .not .jullifle, yet by them a man is continued in a"tate and condition ofjitflification fo that did not the Covenant of Grace interpofe, grofs andwickedwayes would cut of our ju- g':fication, and put us in a(late of condemnation. AndPag.429. For although Chriii didfulfil the Lawfor- fuckWho are his, yet this is not imputed andaccounted imme- diatly to every ones but its applyed in that wayandorder which' Godhath appointed : and that order is to communicate the be- nefit of his atclive obedience, to none but fuch who (hall by faith receivehirn,and obedientially walk inhis commands.Be- live tilde thins, Reader, and will not differ with thee about the name of a Condition. Call it what you will for nie. 4, My laft Reafon is, becaufe tholeReverend Bre- thren.