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I A* FA 4 , mn Mi2**********itS444442442 Mr gatakfrs &ft Letters, f N N S V.V'E R To a Qu e srIoNabout Adtniniftring SACRA M ENT 'S in aprivate place, wherein his Advice was defi. red by the Minifters of our Affociation : Wherein he declareth his Thoughts of two of my Writings, which force quartell with. Worth, Sir, He remit of your kinde and'brotherly Letter, together with thofe two pious, feafonable and ufefull Pieces, which you were pleafed to be- ftow on me, as upon the delivery with much gladfomnes offpirit, I could not but entertain, fowith no leffe thankfulneffe of heart, by theft! I defire to acknowledge. As for the longdelay of this mine ac- knowledgement, my humble requeft to your felf, and thofe other your Reverend Affociated Brethren is, that it may not be mif-interpreted, as either proceeding from a wilful! negleet, or favouring ofa dif-refpea either of them or your felf; which indeed, I confeffe, might not iinjuftly be deemed, unleffe the reafon of it were rightly conceived ; but when the occafion thereof shall be truly related, I hope, it will remove all fufpiti- on and furmife of failing or faultinefle on my part in either kinde; the packet wherein your Letter, with thofe precious Pieces,