Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT763 .B35 1655

ThePreface'to the Readers. the Lord to make this his laft work on earth, and to Conclude his Labours in thedidating ofan affe6tionate Valediction and Benediction, which he fent tome with thole Notes,I haveadjoyned there alfo ; the Memory of his Name, andofhis great Love and Refpects, being to me fo precious. Two other Letters of his I have ad- joyned alto, wherein he was pleated ofhis own Accord to declare his Judgement of three other ofmy writings; which I oppofe (as fufficient) againft the quarrelfome exceptions of Contenders. Had I not been confident that he defired not the keeping fecret of thefe his thoughts,Ishould not have dared to make them publike; nor would I be in the leaft injurious to thename which I fo much honour, that thereby I might borrow Honour tomy own. The Lord pardon all our failings and fancti- fie our imperfect labours to the good ofhis Church. 1Zich. Baxter. f 2) Contents