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The Preface to the .Keaders. operas; ne gratiam divinitus acceptam premam ac occul- tern,----- verum veritatis dottrina vos erudiarn ac per fpiritum Concordes reddam. Et orat. 3 .p. 5 2 3.Lal- fusfum,durn cum fermone atque invidia,& cum hoftibus, & cumnofiris,pugno. Tlli pee ora feriunt, minus 411e-- quanta?' quod cupiunt. (Nam qui aptas inimicitias gerit, facile caveri poteft:) hi autem terra obfervant, ;nazis molefliflint. I am fenfible of the trouble that I have put the Reader to buy this tedious Preface : But I remember that AuflinEpi I. 23. Bonifac. faith ofhis friend Nebri- dius,that he exceedingly hated a thort Anfwer to a Great Queftion, and took it very ill of any that expelled the like fromhim, and where he mightbe free; would mani- feft his indignation. Let the Reader take notice that this Book was writ- ten before the laft part ofmy Apology, yea ,molt of it, before Iheard of Mr. Crandons death, which was about a fortnight after I faw his Book : And therefore I make more mention of him then elfe would have done. It bath (I know not on what impediments) fuck much longer in the Prefs then I expeded. The Printed fheets were perufed by force Learned ;. Reverendmen,whofe Judgements I moft highly. valued; And Irefolved and promifed them, for the fake of Peace and Truth, to correa and reprint every fheet, where any material paffage fhould be found, which they judged Erroneous : But upon perufal, they defire not the Alte- ration ofany, butapprove ofthe paffing ofit,as I fent it them. One of thefe was that now-bleffed man Mr. T. Gat- t aker, who lived not to perufe it all : but on the chief and moft material part , he' left me thofe brief Notes, which I have.annexed to the end : And becaufe it pleafed the.