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tqfftf.ttAA?AffAt-liAtttff CONTENTS. CC HAP. i. The Occafion of this Writing. Chap. 2. ft,/ trueConfefssan of my faith. Sea. i. 4 gene; redConfefflon. Sed. 4 Particular Confeirion, cont lining the Fundament4h. Sea. 3: (24y fiib/cripttan to the t..,ffembPes lefier Catechifm. Sea, 4; MyContent to the larger Catechiim of the diffenobl) ; flopping s Liberty of Expounding four Par- kes. Sea. 5. LW) onfent to the Afemblies Confefflon of Faith,fteppofing the Liberty ofexpoundingfix Pafages, as is ex- prefed, Sea. 6. (WI hearty Approbation oftheDatirine or Ar- ticles of the Synodof Dort, with the libmrty of expounding bit fixwords of/mall moment,Wherein 1 am per/waded I mils not theirAxle! with a Profefflon ofmy clifent againfi theforcible Irn- pofing offetch large Confefflons. Chap.. 3. A more full Account howmuch I.afcribe to mans ,Qualifi- cationi,or works ofInherent Righteoufnefs, in the bufinefs ofJu . flification, cceptation, andSalvation : andwhat I deny to them. Seet. 3. TheAmon in fever; Propofitions With the Scripture- words Which enforce my Judgement. Seet. 4. My opinion of the Verbal diFerinces, and i . About theWordWorks. Sea. 6, About the word Merit. Sea. 7. More ofmy thoughts about the matter .of Se& 7. Of the Words, Word* Reward Righteous andRighteoufnefsluflifie,7uflification,Condition,making Righte. out, Judging According to works, Becaufe of them , for them &c. Chap.+ Additions to theformer GeCa netiby the fight of Mr. Caryis Epifile to Mr. Crandons Volumn tendred to Mr. Caryl for his fatisfallion in thepoints Wherein he expreffeth him- felf offended. (f3); Chap.