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t Contents. Chap.,j. Additions about the Freedomof Believers from the ettrfe of the Law :I. Affirmatively. z. 24(cgativel yiendred to thelaid Mr. Caryl,for hisfettisfaRion, Chap. 6. Whether thefearlefs affirmationsof Mr. Eyre andMr. Crandon be true or falfe,that the 13 apills maintain no other Mi.. rit then I do. Sea. 2. The Tellimony of 25. Protegants, Sea.3. The Teflimony of 40. Papifit betides fixof the cifetoderate foul. der Papijls. Set 4. !Oreg.-lions toyoung "Studentsfor right jade. ing of the PIO: Dotlrine herein : and Tome of our Divines judgements in this bufinefs produced,foravoided injurious mifiaker and extreams. Chap. 7. what it is that I mean by Antinomianifm. Fourtie Ar- ticles of dintinotlian, Libertine, and Familiflical Dolirine, With the-contrary Extreams, and the Truth in the middle Chap. 8. My Rearms why I take lull.fication by Faith as meant in Scripture, not to be the Itellification of or inConfcience but that in Right or Law-finfi,Antecedent thereto. Sea. i. Thefeeming difference, and real Agreement of thecontrary-minded. Sett 2. Fourty fix Arguments from plain Texts of Scripture. Se& 3, Teventie Argumentsfrom the Nature of the thing, and the Ana. logieof Faith. Chap. 9. Reafons why I judge that the Eleti are not pardoned or ju- "Mildfrom Eternity, nor at the time of Cbrifls death, nor while they are Infidels or Impenitent : efpecially to prove that We did not Merit or ratiefle luflice in, but Chrifi did it in theper.; fan of a Mediator. Sea. t. Two Arguments againfl Iseflifica- tiersfrom eternity, dillintlly. HoWMr. Owen extolls Chrifil Merits. Sea. 2. Howfar We agree. Our difference about the terms. Scripture neverfaith, We are lullified before we believe; 2+Cor Pardoned or ReconciledfromEternity. Hodsfar We,mayfay men Were Reconciled , or theirfins purged, or pardoned by Chrifis death, before we Were born, or believe. Seft. 3 Feurtie Argu- ments fromTexts of Scripture againfl jollification, abfoltetion, or pardon before we believed, or were born. Sat 4. 71,9entio moos more to thefame perpofe ; fpecially that Coqpaidnot the veryfame Which the Law required , or that he didnot reprefent our very perfons in obeying orfufering, fO as that in the Account of god or the Law, ,ve our elves didobey or fatisfie in Chrift. Mr. Joh. Owcats Rolifen: examined, whereby he wouldprove that