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( 3 ) ThofeDivines that go theway of the Libertines ( commonly calledAntinomians ) inwhole or in part : For thefe I perceive are. molt deeply offended with me. 2. Some Orthodox fober Divines, who are offended with me for fome leffer differences, wherein I feem to them to ailed fingularity, and too eafily tode- part from the Common judgement of the Reformed Churches. i. I do confefs ( being once half enfnared my felf in the opi- nions of Aftificationbefore Faith, and that 7u(fification by Faith, Was blot in foro Confcientix, bc.) I have a strong apprehenfion of the danger of thofeDoctrines, and their concomitants : and that upon four grounds. i. Either I amexceedingly miftaken, or elfe they do as directly and fully fubvert the main fcope of the Doctrine ofChrift, as anyErrors that I know of in England, that are maintained by any considerable number of men who have any great appearance of Piety and Sobriety. Were Englandwell rid but ofLibertinifm,Socinianifm and Popery,it were a happy Land : * I have heard But the firft party do more dangeroufly infinuate with the weaker from an ar_cieic fort ofGodlypeople then either of the latter,by the advantage of Godly man that the name of Free-grace, and by their pretences to a fingular ex- roe Arthing . tolling ofChrist, and by their declaiming againft legal Preachers, and Cop pinger , that and againft the advancement ofour ownWorks or Righteoufnefs, they were pa_ and efpecially by leading men in fo eafie a way, which flefb and Aged with the blood bath fo little againft, as being too confiftent with mens f irtt of the Carnal Intereft. 2. The evident tendency alfo of thefe licentious Grundletoni- ans. Da:trines to a licentious Life, and to the deftruftion ofGodlinefs, The fame affirmed, I confefs doth increafe my deteftation ofthem. He that feeth not th t at h Vent in the face of themwritten , an oppofition to Mortification and but oirce among Watchfulnefs, and the life of Godlinefs, feeth not withmy eyes. thend m himfelf a after prayer 3. The experience which we have feen of the real Iffue, and fad they breathed effects of this licentious Doctrine, I confefs hash further confirm- on him, m pi- ed me againft it. I amnone of thofe that Phut my eyes againft ving ham the the workings ofProvidence, nor yet againft the difcoveries of holy and Utiles in their Effects. Three black Clouds ofWitneffes we have he firangely tranr ofthis. . The unhappymifcarriages, and fhameful lives of thole ported for three Libertines that lived in England before thefe late years oftrouble, days , that he Whereof both London, and the Grundletonians in York-Aire, was not as * and Arthingtont Sedssaion, with the whole ftory of Hacket and the fame man : and_ l'Es wonderedwhat was the matter with bim:he hadno confeSon of fr, but an elevatedNam i4,1 Prayer, as if he had been in Pang raptures:and after three days he was as 'b ;for e,and came no more at them. ° B 2 Copping?",