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(4) Coppinger, can give tooftd1Teltimony, Z. The fad mikarriages. ofthis Stet in Netv.England, whererof fee Mr. weld his Rifeand rsineofAntinonianifiatn N 3. Their late Adions in oldEng- land, fince (unitingwith the fpirit ofAnabaptifiry, the far fmaller evil.) they have proceeded as far as Ranting, bath further hewed what fpirit they are of,to thofe that will fee the Sun at Noon-day: Norhave the Publique tranfatlions or attemptsofthemore fubtile among them, much honored their Principles in the eyes of the oh- ferving and judicious through the Land. 4. And ( which I have oft mentioned,andwill do while I can fpeak) theMiracles ofGod againft them in New Englandwere fo real a Teftimony from hea- ven, that I am refolved to take them for a Decifion ofthat contro- verfie,being conjunct with fo full a Teftimony of the word. Three Seas did all lately imbody together, Anabaptifts, Separatills and Antinormans, and fo madeup one, (though Ionic ofthe &ft fort difclaimed the laft, and went the 'Pelagian way : ) And what man dare obfcure the wicnefs that Godbath given againft them, unlefs he will be found a fighter againft God ? I profefs, for my part, I am fully fatisfied from plain Scripture againft them, though I had Peen <no furtherwitnefs ; But yet fhould I Ihut mine eyes againft fuch a Teftimony as God bath given in Keui-Engiand by thofe Monfters, and inOld-England, by multitudes offouler Moniters, even Ranters, Qzakers Seekers and Blafphemers, fhould fure be guilty of a hainous fin, God cloth not ordinarily thus appear; but very rarely, and in great extremities, and againft thofe that his foul doth deeplydeteft. And to wink at fuch wonders, what is it but to defpife God in the dreaclfulleft ofhis works? They that can read the book of Providence, and expound it fo well as force pretend, and yet overlook fuch Providences as thefe, fhall be no. Tutors of mine, in the Expofition ofthis bleffed Book. Thefe Reafons having excited my Zeal againft this Sea above many others, I have accordingly judged it my duty to bend my Pelf againft them in all my writings : Efpecially when I flaw how greedily multitudes of poor fouls did take' the bait, and how ex- ceedingly the Writings and Preachings of Saltrnarfh and many of his fellows did take with them. Upon this I perceive the men that in any meafure go that way, are enraged againft me How to ap- peafe them I -know not. I would as willingly 'know the truth as form ofthem, if I could. Sure I am, I have asmuch Reafon. My foul