Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT763 .B35 1655

(6) The indignation of thefe exafperated men,hath found out oflate a ftrange kind of vent. To be revenged on me for calling them Antinomians, they have refolved to call me Arminian, Socirfian, Papift, and- Jefuite ; Yea, and as if they were in good fadnefs, to perfwade the world that by Antinomians, I mean Anti-papifts and that I am indeed a down-right Papift,' and of the, groffer fort too, and that I fubtilly endeavour the propagation ofPopery, and all my pretences to the contrary are but Jefuitical diffembling ; And in particular, that there is no Papifts, that fpeakmore for Merits then I do. To this purpofe it feemed good to Mr. Eyre of Salisbury to write in his Book againft Mr. Benjamin Woodbridge, on which I have fent him my Admonition : In which he com- mendeth one Mr. Crandon that was writing againft me, whofe writing is now come forth in the .light : Such a piece as I confefs my eyes never faw before : The lively pifture of the wifer fort of Libertines : Exprefling much ofthat inPrint, which the Ranters do in tranfient actions fo much palpable darknefs , fo many miftakes ofmy fence, fo many errors, and fo much prefumption, is therecongefted ; But above all, fo many notorious falfhoods in matter of fact, as I do profefs I never faw inone volume to my knowledge, either ofJefuite,or any the vileft Heretick. I wouldbe loath to beftowmy time innumbering them, till my Arithmetick be better; Only Ile fay, that I yet have not obferved one leafin all that great Volume that hath not many : Howmany hundred then may fuch a bulk contain ? What anunfavory, uncleanly task would it be to Reply to fuch a'man, if I had fo little wit, and fo many words and hours as fuch a work requires ? And indeed it couldnot be better inmatter of truth, when the whole Volume is animated with one falIhood, as the foul ofit; That is, that I am a Papift This is the whole from firft to laft : If you have this, in the drefs of aBillings-gate Dialed,you have all. Hence is the man carried, even where I fpeak that which he cannot reprehend, to enter into the fecrets ofmy foul, and lay open my heart, for the expounding ofmy lines, and to tell them over and over that I do but fubtilly xquivocate and diffemble; I fay one thing,but I mean or thinkanother, fo that he hath written a Volume much in the confutation ofmy molt fecret thoughts; yea, offuch as he feign- eth,contrary to the full expreflion ofmy writings. I_ confefs when I read the firft leaf that I opened at, it feemed to me a fad, yet for the