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( 7 ) the gravity of the Diction, a ridiculous (Ale& ; to fee the man come upon the Stage, and of his part fo confidently and ferioufly, as if he did verily think I were a Papift indeed. That i am a Papift, or that I muft be an Antinomian, are equally credible to me : And if there be no middle way between thofe two, 1 confefs I am know not where. I deny not but all Mr. Eyre' commendations of this man may betrue : But then ifvoluminous flanders, and grof- feft falfhoods, confiderately Printed and Publifhed, may confift with Grace, and fuch eminency of Grace too in the leaders of the flocks, I would advife thefe Brethren hereafter to confider whe- ther they fhould not be very companionate to others, and how they do Judge of the qualification of their Church-members. To raft out or cenfure a member for fwearing or lying once or twice, when the Paftor may slander and rail voluminoufly,is fcarce equal dealing. Truly when I read this mans Book, it forced me to fay, Oh what a depraved nature hath man I what a darkunderftand- in& I what a deceitful heart l what a fad cafe are our poor people in, when their guides are in fuch darknefs and contention I what a patient God have we I and what reafon therefore to be patient with one another ? Ifany expe& that I (hould particularly Reply to that Book, I muft fay of thatand of divers others that have been lately publifb-. ed againfi me ( Filher, Keyes, Nagger :) my time is liketo be but fhort on earth : I live in pain and languifhing,, and expectations of my change, and therefore I dare not waft fo fhort, fo precious time on fuch an imployment ; Nor dare I give fuch an account of thofe hours to God, which he hath given me for better and tenbefore I raw more ufeful works. If any obje61, that the ignorance ofcommon Mr. Cavyls people is fuch, that confidence, and railing, and flanders will take Epifile, zxhicb with them, as if theywere valid Arguments, and therefore have me atoAr need of as diligent confutation ;- I anfvver, it is not in my power roeinnich to fay Mr. to cure the ignorance offuchpeople, nor the flanderous tongues Crandon, 44. or pens of fuchWriters;And ifI muft Write as long as slanderers have fince will make me work, or ignorant men need it,then I (hall havework 4°". enough to do, and my labours beat the command of every mans Vices. Ifany objea, that I owe it to my own Reputation 1 Anf; I Write not for my feif, nor for fo low an end ; BLit fordie good ofothers. And whereas Tome fay, that I am bound to vindicate my Reputation, that may .not hinder other mens profiting by my