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is Brethren ofthe fameReligion withme ; and if they will unite upon thefe terms, I will unite with them : Though if they add fuperfluities which do not fubvert this Doctrine, I will not jova with them in any of thole Additions ; but let thembuild their nubble alonefor me. As tomy felf, ifany man will prove that I hold any thing con- trary toone wordof this Confefiion, I will prefently renounce it. In the mean time, if 1 fhould hold any thing contrary to it, it is ignorantly, and upon fuppofition that it is not contrary. And therefore no man can charge me with the not believing any thing here contained : For 1 renounce any thing in my writings that is contrary to this,though unknown : and if I cannot hold anyother ofmy Opinions, and this confeflion both, I difclaim all filch Opi- riions, and will let go them,and not this. Thus much might well ferve as a difcovery ofmy Belief, were it mot that prejudice and jealoufie requires more : I add therefore. S. 3. SECT. III. 3.1 Do heartily approve of the thorter Catechifmof the Affembly, andof all therein contained : and I take it for the belt Catechifin that ever I yet faw, and the Anfwers continued for a molt excellent fumm of the Chriftian faith andDoctrine, and a fit Telt to try the Orthodoxnefseven of Teachers themfelves. Know the faith of many in thefe latter Ages of the world is more extenfive then intenfive, grafping at much in the Objet`}, but little and feeble in the ad, and infirmly radicated in the Sub. jed. Thefe men will think that I am yet too short to be accounted Orthodox, and that in embracing this Catechifm, it is but a chil- difh faith that I embrace. But am bold to tell them thefe things by way of Anfwer. i. Theologia efJ rcientia AfeRiva-praRica. God hash laid moreon the heart and hand, and lets on the head, astotht extent ofknowledge, then fuch men take notice of We May