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03) Righteoufnefs, and may live in the fpecial Love and Communion ofthe Saints, and in hope ofChrifts com- ing, and of Everlafting Life. I do 'heartily take this one God, for my only God and cl'o 4 my chief:good- and this Jefus Chrift for my only Lord, layman Redeemer and Saviour ; and this Holy Ghoft for my Santifier; and theDodrine byhim revealed, and wit- nefled by his Miracles, and nowcontained in the holy Scriptures, I do take for the Law ofGod, and theRule ofmy 'faithand life. And Repenting unfeignedly of my fins,1 do refolve through the.Grace ofGod fincerely to obey him, both in holin.efs toGod,and Righteoufnefs to -men, andin fpecial love -to the Saints,and Communion with them, againft all-the temptations of the Devil., the World, and my own Flefh, and this to the Death. I do alfo take the ten Commandments for a general ftandingRule ofobedience And the Lords Prayer for a perfea rule for prayer,moft admirable for Comprehenfi- on ofmatter,andexaCtnefs ofMethod.And I believethat Chrift hath inftitutedZaptifin for our en terancc-into his. Church,and the'Lords Supper for our Confirmation; and path appointedminifters tobe the teachers ofhisChurch, and to guide it in Concord, according to his Word,. I His is my Religion This I profefs, fubfcribe and nand to: If .any man ask what Religion I am of, hither "refer him. If thisbe not enough for him,but he muit needs have yet a larger pro- ieflion, or elfe he will not account, me Orthodox, let him take his courfe, and judge ofme as he pleafe He that profeffeth this,and lives accordingly, <lhallby rue be taken for a good Chriftian, by whatname or title foever men,call him. I fay as Htlary,good non per difficiles quafliones ad vitarn beatapn nokc docile 'Dew. Ifthe ChurchofRome will profefs bbt this.much, and not flibvert itwhen( they have4one by evidentcontradiftiop, I will aanowledgethen1