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(16) keligiott The uartoderimatii, the erfivariani, and many more. Hereticks, might well have gone for Catholicks; had knot been for this Diotrephel. And will no experience warn us ? 4. Nay, confider whether this be not the very difeafeofthe RomanChurch; and the markof that beaft, to obtrude their fupertluities and fivel- led Confeffions on others ? Had the Trent Creed but broke off about the middle, ( at theend of the Nicene (r 'o fiziaooirare Creed ) wehad been allagreed in matter ofDo ring. I have heard diversobjea, that this is but ziie trickofall Here- ticks that hold fomewhat which dare not fee the light, and there fore they mull either take up with the bare Scripture Expreflions, or ifthey yield to any Confellions,they muff be fhort and general, that they d&cover not, and contradianot their Errors : and fpe- cially the Socinians are guilty ofthis. finftt. t . I might as truly fay, this is the ObjeCtion ofthe Papiffs, to charge an infufficiency on the expreffionsofScripture, and make it the property ofHe- reticks to appeal only to the Scripture : And thus we may fling Popery and .Socinianifm in one anothers faces, with more fpleen thenwit. z. Certainly many fuch Divines have done moreby fuch indifcreet ObjeCtions, to ftrengthen that unhappy Sea (the Socinians) then they could ever have done for themfelves. When men plead reafon for Chriffianity and Scripture Authority, they fay , It is Socinianifm : when we plead for the fufficiency ofScrip- ture alone, and appeal to it ; they fay, This is Socinianifm too. Make the World believe once that the Socinians have reafon and Scripture on their fide ; that is, the Light and Law ofNature,and the Light and Law of fupernatural Revelation, and who would not turn Socinian ? Its pitty that thefe men can find no Argu- ments to ufe againft Socinians, but the very fame which is the Papifis goliah againft the Reformed Churches and their bo- anne. 5. I will add this much more for your confideration. Our Di- vines have hitherto obferved, that it is a fufpitious fign that any affeaion or courfe is not ofGod, which nature is very prone to and that the contrary is of God which nature is backward to Though I know this Ruleneeds fomelimitations, yet I think it not nnufeful in fachtafes asthis. I have ever obferved that a violent Paftion Called Zeal for a mans opinions, which he accounts Or- ttoaox is fo cake and nantralt that there needs little means to kindle