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(17) kindle it : Nay, all the means that can be ufed will fcarce allay the inordinate rage of it : But a Zealous love of God, and delight in him ' and a Zeal for holinefs, and againft fin, and a Zealous love to Gods Truthsas they hold forth Chrift and Glory, and guide us toduty, this is fo contrary to the nature ofman, that no means is fufficient to excite it 0 how eafily without Grace, and againft Grace do Carnal Minifters, and profeffors make a huge buffel in the world for their opinions, compaffing Sea and Land to make a Profelite 1 they will ride and go with unwearied diligence to pro- pagate their opinions; perhaps fome of them true, ( though as ufually falfe ) Truly I have wondred many a time what it should be, that animates fuch men with fo implacable a thirft, to make all others of their own mind, that they care not to venture all they have for it; yea,to fubvert Kingdoms,andcart offnatural affeCtion to their nearer friends. It isno more love to Chrift and his word, and will, then others have : For they are cold enough in obeying his will, and venture to difobey himmore eafily then others. In- deed it is Idolatrous pride. Every man naturally being his own Idol, he would have all others bow down and worship him, and would have the glory ofperfeft light, and infallibility, and have his judgement be the Rule ofall other mens, and would be a Law- giver to the world, that is, would be God : I knowGods truth cannot too much be loved : But I know withall,that a proud affe- etation of the honor ofknowing more then others, and being bet- ter acquainted with the fecrets of God, is a thing that a man may get without Grace, but cannot get down without Grace. From whence it comes to pafs, that the worft fort of men are often the molt Zealous and violent contenders for that which they call the OrthodoxDo&rine, when yet the affeCtionate and praaical im- provement of the very Creed, they do abhor. Witnefs the doleful Rateof the prefent Church of Rome, which bath fo many hundred Jefuites and others that wholly devote their lives to the propaga- tion of their opinions, which they call, and take to be, the Catho- like Religion, and Orthodox Doctrine Witnefs the Fire andFa- got, the Inquifitions, the bloody Maffacres, by which this fire of Zeal for Opinions, hath found vent, and made its eruptions. And though it too ordinarily falls out that the pretenders to Ortho- doxnefs are not the moft Orthodox, and the moft erroneous are readieft to cry downErrors, yet nodoubt, but a carnal mind may make