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(2o) works. But I appeal from unconfcionable calumniators, to the righteous Judge. I fo highly reverence that Affembly, that I think this Nation, fince the Apofilesdays, had never any that ex- celled it for Piety, and Ability : and I doubt not, but the fruitra- tion ofmuch of their labour lies heavy on fome, that yet make light ofit. But with fuch envious and cenforious perfons as 1 have to deal, I find my felfin the cafe of Teggiv.4 Countreyman with his Afs ( they that would laugh may read the Fable ; but I am ferious ) I am call into an impoflibility of efcaping their cen- fures, Should I have profeffedmy Affent, without thefe explica- tions; I fhould wrongmy Confcience. Should I have raid nothing ofthis Catechifm, they would have concluded that I diffented in fome weighty points, and durft not fubfcribe it. I confidered thefe, and choferather to caft my felf on the fmaller cenfure,then the greater ; herebymandating that it is a fmall matter, or no- thing, wherein I diffent. The like I mutt fay of the Affemblies Confeffion of faith : Some have toldme, If I beOrthodox, they expect my Affent to that : But without fome explications I cannot Affent, which will give the fame occafion ofcenfure to thefe men : and if I wholly pafs it by, they will furmife that it is for greater matters that I re- fufe. I will therefore in this alfo venture on the leffer inconveni- ence, teeing one is become unavoidable, SECT; V. spj 5.1. Have perufed oft the Confeffion of the Affembly, S! and verily judge it the moil excellent for fulnefs and exalnefs that I have ever read from any Church ; And though the truths therein being of feveral degrees of Evidence and Neceffity, I do not hold themwith equal clearnefs,confidence or certainty;and though fome fewpoints in it are beyond my reach, yet I have obferv- ednothing in it contrary tomy judgement, if I may be allowed thefe Expofitions following. Ch..