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nor any like them, without the liberty of an explication, when they are exprefly *in terminii,contrary totheScripture, and mull conlessonfref. have fuch an interpretation to reconcile the fence. Nor will I Faith. ever approve of fuch paffages in Catechifms and Confeffions, as §. z. (hall determine a point exprefly againft the words ofGod, though Hereticks might abufe thofe words ; but would rather diftinguith, and Phew in what fence faith is not imputed for Righteoufnefs, then flatly and,fimply to fay ; It is not, when God faith, it is. Elfe we (halt give the adverfary the greateft advantage that he can defire or expert; when he (hall Phew thole words in Scrip- ture which we flatly deny : And hereby we {hall lay the greateft temptation before the ignorant, that knownot how to interpret thofe Scriptures. And that I have not miffed the fence of the Affembly,I am induced to believe,by what that Learned Reverend man Mr. Gataker, whowas one of them, bath wrote in Explica- tion ofthis controverfie againft Saltmarfb Shad. Pag.53,54,55, 56,57. to which I wholly fubfcribe (expounding theword ,Ingru- ment, as I have declared ) And where he fhews that the diffe- rence is but meerly Verbal, fo far is it from being in Fundamental Doctrine. 3. Where thenext words fay, but only as it it an Infirm:went by which he receiveth and applieth Chrig and hit Righteoufnefs, as L note that they faynot that it is an Inftrument of Juftifyingus, fo I underhand them thus, as it u the. Moral reception of chrill and Rigbteoufnejsfreelygiven, improperly called an Inftrument : and that they fpeak ofthat aptitude in faith, for which it was chofen to this office, fuppofing its being a conditionof the Covenant, or Gift, as its neareft Intereft. If I have hit their fence, I affent to this. 4. Where it is faid, The wordof God it to 6e Preached only 6y fuch aa are fufficiently gifted, andAlfa duly approved and called to that office, I underhand it only of that fort of Preaching which is proper toMinifters, believing that there is alto a Preaching which a Mailer mayufe in his Family, and other Chriftians occafionally: and herein I doubt not but I hit their fence. By the Spirits that I have been haunted with, and the meafure that I have received, I am forced to expe6t, that fome fhould here charge me with taking an occafion to quarrel with the Affembly, nr (hew my own conceited wifdom, in the correciing of their D 2 works.