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(22) by that promife , and it is now no promife , though the pre- ceptive part, and the penal or Comminatory part remain hill: For we cannot difoblige our felves, though we may as it were, dif- oblige the Promifer. 5. Where it is laid, ch.u. fea .7. that bya pofitive, moral and perpetual Commandment, binding All men inall e,efges,he hath par- ticularly appointedone dal infeven for a Sabbath, I underhand it onlyof a Virtual Obligation, as much as belongs to the Law, as enaaed before promulgation, but not of a true aaual obligati- on. For no Law canbind till it is promulgate ; and pofitives are not promulgated by Nature: therefore not to all men in all ages; therefore they bind not all men in all ages. 6. Where it is faid ch.25. fea.t . that the Catholike Church, Which is invifible,confifis of the whole number of the Eleti that have been, are, or (hall be, d-c. 1. I underhand-it not ofthe Church, as now exiftent, but as it than be in its perfeaion at the end of the world , when all the Elea (hall be Called ; or elfe as it now containethonly fo many of the Elea as are Called. For otherwife the Elea are no Mem- bers of the Church, as Elea, before their Calling and union with Chrift : As Amefius Medull:trulynoteth, Ecclefia eft colus ye- catorum, and is not to be defined orlus Elefierum. 2. I underhandthofe words, Which is Invifible, as diftinguifh- ing the Church as invifible from the Church as vifible, and not as expofitory, as defining the Catholike Church to be fo invifible (in refpea of Faith) as not to be alfo vifible ( in refpea of pro- feffion.) For I conceive that Chrift bath one Univerfal Vifible Church, called one by theUnityof their profefsion , though not for any vifibleHead on earth , whether perfonal, or colleaive, Pope or General Council. And now I leave to Mr. Crandon andothers to confider, whe- ther a Jefuite, a Papift, a Socinian, an. Arminian will confent to this copious Confefsion of:the Affembly, with ttefe Expofitions or limitations, as I have here done? Or whether they will make all the Affembly to be Pa Rifts, Socinians or Arminians ? I truly profefs, I take the labours of the Affembly, efpecially thefe three pieces nowmentioned, for the bell Book, next my Bible, in my ,Study However the Libertines, and other giddy Seaaries of thefe times have defpifed. them 3 as if theywere childifh toyes And