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(23) And though I have read over the exceptions ofone WilliamPar- ker, againft theAffemblies Confefsion of Faith , which whofo- ever reads, may fee with half an eye that the Author was a Pa- pift. He fets up the mainbody of Popifh Doarine ; only inftead of the Popes Supremacy and Infallibility, he draws people to re- ceive that Doi rinefrom fome new infpired Prophets: but if thefe cheaters could draw people once to receive the Doarine, it were eafie to difgrace thofe pretended Prophets, and to take them down out of the chair at their pleafure, and fo fet up the Pope again. SECT.. VI. 6. 'Have perufed over all the Articles or Decreesof the Synodof Dort, and unfeignedly honour them , as containing found and moderate Dodrine , and heartily lament that Come late Divines have to the great detri- ment of the Church and Truth, forfaken the moderate way of that Synod, and laid the weight of the Anti- Arminian Caufe, fomuch upon higher points not owned by them. And there is nothing that I have obferved in it all, that my Judgement Bothcontradia, ifI be allow- ed thefe fewExpofitions following. VV Here it is faidArtic.t :Sea. t 2.De hQCaernet eletlionc, v foto tempore variis licet gradibtss & difpari men- Ara certiores recithmtur non arcana, &c. I underitand it as fhewing only what way the Elea do attain affurance, who more or lefs do attain it, andnot as affirming that all the Elea do more or lefs attain a certainty of their Election. For as I think that do- thine uncomfortable tomany poor Chriftians, fo I think it cannot be:provedof all the Ele4.