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( 26 ) Mull in this cafe, and that a man may hold what he will without danger, fo he bebut lure it go far enough fromArminianifm. A man that holds to the moderation of the Synod ofDort, need not fay that Chrift did not dye or fatisfie for all men, nor need he trouble himfelf with prefumptuous Determinations about many Myiteries in the Decrees of God, which many volumes are guilty of; Nor doth he need to aver the Neceffity of Immediate Phy- fical Efficient predetermination by God ( as the firft caufe ) of every fecond caufeNatural and Free, as without which they can- not ad Norneed he fay, that God fo predetermineth to the Ad which is fin, and not to the finfulnefs of the Ad : Nor need he Subfcribe to all that Dr. TWO, or Mr. Rutherford, or fuch like, have written on thefe points. Nay, as this Syriod, fo our own Af- fembly gave an Example of modefty in thefe points, to them that will follow it ; Not only filencing many things whichothers make thePillars of Anti-Arminianifm, but expreffing that the Will u enduedby Godwith that Natural liberty, that it neither forced , nor by any abfolute neceffity of 7Kature determined to dogood or evil, and therefore they never tell you that God as the first caufe muff of natural neceffity Determine mans will by Phyfical immediate premotion, before' it can ad either good or evil : But they referve the honor of determining mans will to fpecial Grace, Renewing the will, and by, Almightypower determining it to that which is good. Sed.i. and c.9. Sect. T. Many other moderate paffages I could thew inour Affemblies Confeflion,to fome that have need to imitate them, and the Anti- nomians may fee their Doarine fubverted, in their excellent De- finition of faving faith,inboth Catechifms,and in the Confefsion ; lin their determinationof thenatural effeas of fin inwhomfoever, Ch. 6. Sec7. 6. in their determinationof the necefsity of Repen- tance ( as fine qua non ) to Remifsion, Ch. 15.3. with more the like. And now if they have any Itanding Rule to knowa Papift or Arminian, I think I have acquit my felffrom their Accufation ; But if there be noRule of the Orthodox Dodrine, and for re- jedion of Error, but the giddy diftraded brains of Libertines, that know not where to fix themfelves, then I am content to bear the name of Jefuit, Papift or what thefe men Nil pleafe to call me. Yet