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(25) nation on all that die unafrured of their fineerity, much lets on all that areunaffdred of perfeverance. 6. To the 13.feel. I doubt not butthe meaning is, that Ceram tainty of perfeverancedoth not ofit fell, and of its own nature beget carelefnefs or negligence ; and fo I believe its true. Nay,I think that Love and Gratitude are ordained to be the Mailer Ru- ling Graces in the Kingdom of Chrift (under Faith;) and that Fear is but to fupply thedefeds of our yet-impeded Love. And therefore themore any man loveth, the more he will obey : and the more he is affured of Gods love, the greater advantage he bath to love him again. But yet I doubt not, but the remnantsof our corruption, by the ftrength of temptation, may make Ain- ranee an Occafion, or Accidental Caufe of Negligence and aChi- al fin : which I fuppofe this Se&iondoth not deny. Thefe are all the limiting Expofitions which I defire liberty to makeufe of, and with which I do, as is aforefaid, profefsmy con- fent to the Canonsor Decrees of the Synod of Dort. And how far any of thefe are from favouringArminianifm,they that will fee, need not to be ignorant. Yea, in the veryArticle of perfeverance, which forne were pleated to quarrel with me about, 1 fubfcribe to the Synod : Yea, in the Article of the extent of Redemption, wherein I ammolt fufpeCted and accufed (and was fain to ufea li- miting Expofition in myconfent to our Affemblies Confection of Faith) I do fubfcribe to the Synod of Dort, without any excep- tion, limitation, or expofitionof any word as doubtful and ob- fcure. I do alfo freely confent to the RejeCtions, with the liberty of three or four the like Explications, which I will not mention, left I feem quarrelfom, or be further tedious , becaufe they are about fmaller matters then thole I have mentioned, and no way touching thequick of the controverted Articles and I am per- fwaded that my fenfe ofthem is the fame with the Synods. And becaufe it is this Synod purpofely called againft Arminia- nifm, that is the belt difcoverywhat is to be accounted Arminian orAnti-Arminian doetrine, as I think, by confenting to it, I do clearmy felt from that calumny with all men of Confcience and Reafon that know it, fo I fhall think that thofe who go as much on the other hand, and differ from the Synod one way,as much as cC° the Arminians did the other way , remain cenfurable as well as they; till forne body than convince me that there is but one ex." E trearn dj