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41 (28) rannical Ufurpation of dominion over teens faith hath diftrifted the Church, even beyond any vifible probabilityof recovery ; and it hath been the caufe of its mifery for 1300. years; but the experience of the mifchiefs of Toleration is nothing fogreat. 2. And rknow that mans nature is foprone to prouddomineer- ing, and fo Idolatroufly inclined to have all menof their mind, and to dance after theirPipe, that it will be {till byafsing Rulers to that extrearn : So that its eafie without a fpirit of Prophefie to foretell, that unlimited Tolerations will not long be granted by any one except a meer Infidel, that having no Religion him- felf,cares for nothing but his own politick ends; or a utian that is contriving the extirpation ofReligion, and intends by the tayling ofFoxes to fire the fieldofChrift, rather then bythe yoaking of Oxen to plow and fow it. And policy will never long work that way neither, without fome perfecution intermixt, Its eafie to Prognofticate this, to him that knows what the heart ofman is. So that for my part, I think the caufe of Gods permifsionoftoo much loofnefs in thefe times, is to cure our former Rigor, and our being Righteousand Orthodox overmuch, by fuffering men togo as much, too far into the contrary extreams. Little do fome men lay this to heart, who only continue exclamations ( though cleferved ) againft Toleration, when it is but their own difeafe, and what they have caufed, that God is curing by this fad remedy. They ibould rather, fee their fin in this glafs, and be humbled. CHAP. III., .4 true Account of my Iudgement bow much Igive to. Works. SECT. 7Ncharitable jealoufies, and highexpe6tations arenot eafily V fatisfied. Becaufe the charge that Mr. Crandon andhis bro- lher lay againft me, is-from my judgement about mans works, and perfonal,