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11` (2.9) perfonal righteoufnefs, I strongly imagine that it mutt be a larger confefsion in thispoint then the Affemblies, or then any of the forrain Churches have made, which muff fatisfie thefe men. I will-do what I apprehend to be myduty, and let them ufc it as they feemeet. And here I mull defire the Reader ' that would not wronghim- felfan.d me, to difference between Matter and Words: and to know, that though fit Terms and Methods be commendable, yet while we agree in theMatter, the difference about meer words Thou Id not feem great. I will therefore lay down my judgement as to the Matter, and then fay fomething to Verbal differences by themfelves. And first I shall tell you Negatively what I donot give to works: and then Affirmatively what I do : and I fhall not hide my mind ineither. r. j Believe that neither Adamin Innocency, nor any Angel, Were A capable ofdefervingany thing that was goodfrom God, by Way of Commutative7uftice, or as makingGod their Debtorfor any be- nefit that he receivedby their works. 2. Ibelieve that everfince Adams fall, it/a a thing irnpolliblefor any meer man to be Psflifiedor faved by his works, according, to the tenor ofthat firft LaWof Works,inforce. 3. According to the tenor of that firfi rigorous LaW, no unrege- nerate man can do any Workfo good, Which fhall not deferve death forthe evil of it. 4. The fame is true of the bet works of the Regenerate them. felves,a4 tried by that Law alone: Becaufeof thefinful imperfetli- ons in 'Principles, Ens).t,Degree,c3fanner, &c. 5. All men therefore Regenerate and Vnregenerate mutt befo far from thinking to be juftified by that LaW, that they muft not-think that any one work that ever they did, fbouldnot be condemned by it, andthey themfelves for that work. 6. It is therefore falfeDotirineofthem that teach, that there is anytrue finfo *Ball or venial,as to deferve only temporalpunkihment, and not everlafiing, according to that Law. 7. NoWorksof obedience Which an Zinre,getterate C#In per- E 3 form,