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VI (33) fitsoffuturedifpleafing him.: Though the Communication ofMer- Rom.6.6,7, cy, and Manifeflation ofLove,Holinefs ' and otherattributes of God 13,14,8z. Were one endof Chrifis death, which was muchobtained RITUf.6z: ' immediately in hisdying: Yet Was it no (mall part of the farther Ram. ends which Were to be attained tomake man again fo holy, as that he might pleafe god by his Obedience, and to forgive the mixture ofhis finwhichaft:Coleafeth him: Ofwhich more anon. 6. ciffankind cloth no* oWe obedience not only to god, as Creator, Ram.14 but to Chrift as Redeemer, and Reaor on that Title. So that he is Mat.z8.18, obliged by a double bond ; and therefore his difobedience is a double 193 20: tranfgreffion, anddoubly difpleafing to God : Sofar is he frombeing 6.36, freedfrom obedience by : which would be, ifde jure, to make jol'314, MI Gods ; ifde facto only,to make us Devils, or worfe : and therefore T I 9.2,7. could be noneof the Redeemers Work. 7. Infidels, and all Vnregenerate men are under an Obligation to pleafe God, andhave means preftribed to them by God, which they ought to ufefor bringing themnearer to Chrift, and to faving faith and full Onion With Chrifi, that fo they may be able to pleafe God. Andif they negleli thefe means, they are jufily denyed the benefits of union With Chrift, Which is the end, Aft. 17. 24, 27. Rom. 24. 15. Rom. I. 18, 19, 20. 8. °Unregenerate men may do fuck workks by nature andcommon King.21.29 Grace, which for the matter, and adhoc, or fecundum quid, may Mark io.z pleafe god, andupon Which he may fee meet to manifeft fameappro- bation ofthem, andwill not onlyforbear to execute his ',Vice for the failing of that Work, but alfo of fosseformer work; yea, of graft fins : as in the cafeofAhab, Nineve, and others,doth appear, Pfal.78.: Thoughfill as he is not obliged to this much, fo he never accepteth any workof a wickedman fimpliciter, to the acceptingof the perfon ; nor to thepardonof the Eternalpunifhment. 9. ThoughFaith in Chrift be afruit of Gods Eternal eleElion, and of Chrigs Meritorious Redemption, and of the Holy Mors Ef- Rom to lg. featial, Specialfavingoperation; yet is it mans AE and Habit, and '9' by the Precept made his duty, and by the Promife made the condition ofour firft Right in Chr0 as our Head and Husband, and our Con- junalonwith him, and confequently of our firft Aatidproper pardon of our fins, as to the everlajling andgreatef puniAment : it being the tenor ofthe promifeor deedofgift, that ifWe will believe, We Aall have thefan, and fhall be pardoned and juftsfied, and have poWtr to F become