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(32) Nat mtdexternal conformity to God, will : diffofitive andgaud obedience. 3. Coils thePrincipal Efficient andultimate Final twee, the AlphaandOmega, inMorality, as he is in Xotarality. His WiI is thefirli comic ofduty, andother Diouf; orRight, and the?leafing his will u the ultimateendofman in all. I know Gods glorymay befaidto be our ultimateend : But we mull takegreat heedhow we underftand that Phrafe : Not as ifthe thoughts or praifes ofman,orany thing without God, could be his VI.. timnteend, or jhouldbe ours : Nor as ifmans Praises added afelicity to God, Reputative or Real, which Amid be his end But it is the Communication and Manifestation to theCreature ofhisGlory, even theGlory ofhis Greatnefs,Holinefr, Love, 7uflice,(Mercy, &c. for Cot.3.2,o. ever. Though the honoring of God in the Eflimation and Praises I Joh.; .Z7. Thef P51, ir47.1 I . P51.149.4. )15.5 3,10. II.7.and 8. joh.16. 27. Ep11.6 .7. Rom. I z. I.11. Reif.Z 19. Rev.zz.3. }-16.9.14.and ofman, maybe our end too, as it is duty to God, yet not our Vltimate end, much left is it gods. Now this Communicative Declarative Glorification ofGod is materially his end, because it is the thing that molt pleated) him inrefpett to the Creature: therefore the pleafing ofGodis, as it Were, formally his end. This is all#oken, on fieppo- fition that we wagafcribe to God, after the manner ofman, Anend, and the intention of it, and a being pleated therein : ( as We use to fay, god is mans happineJs objetlively,andfrosition formally) For We cannot conceive or fpeak ofGod if we renounce such conceptions and expreffions. So that the Vltimate endthat man was made for, was ,to please god , Rev. 4. I I. Heb o. 3 8. Heb. 13. 16. 2 Pet. 1. 17. Col. t. t o. The endas fuch, is better then all the means as fuch. 4. TheRighteous Lord loveth Righteoufnefs : Such is the holy na- ture ofGod, that he is pleated with Holinefs, and the Obedience of his Will. We nstsft therefore intend the pleafing of him as our end, by Holismft Internal andExternal as the means. 5. Christ came not to take: down this end, in the ncceffity or excel- lency of it, nor ever intended any flab change : Which would have been tocome at an enemy to God and man, and not as a Redeemer and Reconciler, Luk.1.74. Rev.7. t 5. Yea Chrifls own Death, Refisr- reIlion, Interceffion, fending the Spirit, and Government, are but means to the pleafing of God, andthey are means altofor the restoring ofman to olinefs and Obedience, that thereby he may pleafe God again, who haddifpleafed him, Was dtipleafing to him, and in a necef: fit,