Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface the precedency : Its pitty thatyou_Mall be frill in Hell, tbat are fir(l ina Chriftian Stateon earth ; or that you fhould be Feafl in the Kingdom of Heaven, that are Greateft in that which is efleemed in the world. 2. You are Pillars in the Common- wealth: and the flakes that bear up the reft of the hedge. Tour influence is great in lower bodies : Youfinnot toyour f felves only ; nor areyou Gracious only to yourfélves. The(pots in the Moon are feenby more, and its Ecclspfesfelt by more, then the blemi/hes or changes of many of us infe- riour wights. You arc ourfirft figures, that flandfor more in matters of publick concernment, then allthat follow. You are the Copies that the refl writeafter and they aremore prone to Copy out your vices then your graces. You are the firft [beets in the Prefs ; you are theStewards o f God, who are entrufedwith his talentsfor the ufe of many. You are the noble members of the Body Politick, whofe healthorfick- nefs is communicated to the refl : If you be ungodly, the whole body langui/teeth : If you live andprofper, it will go the betterwith us all : Foryour Wifdom, andHolinefs, and lattice, will be operative ; and your Elation allowetb them great advantage, to work uponmany, and to emulate akind of univerfal Caufality. Interefi is the worlds byzs ; and all Power bath refpea to ufe : You that havepofjeßionof the rreafure that is focommonlyandhighly efleemed, may do much to lead the fenfual world by it, which way you pleafe : Be it betteror be it war/c., they willfollow him that bears the purfe. Ifmoney can do wonders , you maydo wonders. As Money can perfwade the blind, topart with Godand lifeever- lafling, andto renounce Religionand Reafon it felf, fo no' doubt but itmight dofomethingwere itfaztbfally ufed, though not diretly>to fanaifie the heart, yet fomewhat to incline it to the means by which it may befantlifled. You that have Power.toHelp or Hurt, to make it Summer or Winter toyour Meets, andtopromote orcrofs the. intereft of thefefh, are hereby