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THE ert0Le Crucifyingoftheworld, BY THE rofs of Chrift. With aPreface to theNobles, Gentle- men and all the Rich, directing them 1 how they may. be Richer.. By Richard Baxter. JOHN 2.15.. Love not the world, nor the things that are in the world Ifany man Love the world, theLove ofthe Father is not inhim. LONDON. Printed for N. S. and are to be fold by lofeph Cranford, at the -Kings Head , and Edward Brerler, at the Crane in raidsChurch-yarde , I 6 5 8.

ro my Worthy FAI ÉAC!? a THOMAS F O L E y, Efuire. SIR, r`,..° P o N a double account I have thought it meet todirect this Trea. tife firf} to you : Firft becaufe the firf} Embrio of it was an Afsize Sermon preached at your defire, when you were high Sheriff of this County, which drew me to addmore, till it fweli'd to this , which force of my Brethren have perfwaded toventure into theopen world. Secondly,be- caufe God hath given you a heart to be exem- plary in Praóifing the Do&rine here deliver- ed : And I think I (hall teachmen the more fiiccefsfully when I can (hew them a Living Le%n for their imitation. I never knew that you refuted a work of Charity that was mo- tioned to you; but of have you offered me A 2 that

She Epiflle Dedicatory. that for the Churches fervice, which. was not ready to accept-and improve. I would not do you the difpleafure as to mention this, but that forward Charity is grown fo rare in many pla- ces, that fome may grow fhortly to think that we preach to them of a Chimera, a non-exiflent thing, if we do not tell themwhere it is to be feen : Efpecially now :Infidelity is grownup to that flrength, that Seeing is taken by many for the only true informer of their Reafon,and Delieving for an unreafonable thing. And I take my felf to owe much thankfulnefs to God when I fee himchoofe a faithfull Steward, for any of his Gifts. Its a fign he meaneth Good by it to his Church. Some Rich men facrifice all they have to to their Bellies.which are their Gods, even to an Epicurian momentanydelight ; and call all into the filthy fink of their fenfuality : Thefe are worfe then Infidels, defrauding their pofte- rity ; and fwine alive , but worfe then fwine when they are dead. Some Rich men are provident, but its only for their poflerity. The ravenous bruits are greedy for their young. Somewill begin to be bountiful) at death, and give that to God which they can keep no lon= ger, asifhewould be thus bribed to receive their

The Epillle Dedí'catóry. their fouls , and forgive their worldlyheats atad lives. Some will give in their life time , but it is but part of their f%nfull gains Tike the Thief that would pay Tythes of all that he had flolen. Some give a part of their more lawfull increafe ; but it is againli their will; it being forced from rhemby Law, for Church and Poor ; and thereforeproperly it is no gift. Some will give freely ; but it is onfore cor- rupt deign ; to flrengthen a party or a carnali Interefi or make their way to fore prefer- ment: Somegive,but only to thofeoftheir own Opinion and not to a Difciple in the name of a Difciple. Some give in Contention as the troublers of the Churchof Corinth preacht to add affliction to our bonds. As many of the Papifis, that think by their works of Charity, they are warranted uncharitably to ulanderal- mofi all befides themfelves s as if we were all enemies to Good works,or folifidians that took them for indifferent things ; or made themnot our bufinefs. `Yea the befl work that the Je- fuites ever did, even thepreaching oche Go- fpel to the Heathens,they would not endure us to joyn with them irt, where they could hinder us unlefs we would do it in their Papal way. Some will do Good, to flop the cries ofa guil- A 3

The toiftle Dedicatory. ty Confcience,for Ióme fecret odious fin which they live in. Some will be Liberall with the Hypocrite for applaufe. And fome will give with.a Pharifaicall conceit of merit ( even ex condigno, from theProportionof their work to the Reward, as the greatefl Popifh Do&ors teach.) Some through meer fears of being damned, will be liberall, efpecially out of their fuperfluities; choofing rather to forfake their money then their fin. Some do pretend the higheft ends and that itis Chrifla himfelf to whom they dó devote it : but they will part with nomore then the flefh can fpare : And that they may yet Teem to be trueChriflians they will not believe that any thing is a duty , which requireth muchPelfdenyal, and fland- eth not with their profperity in the world. And fome will give much out of a meer natural kindnefs of difpofition, or upon meer natural motives ; though not as to Chrifl,nor from the Love of God, nor from that Spirit of Chrifli- an fpecial Love, by which the members of Chriff have their Communion. What excels lent Precepts of Clemencie and Beneficence bath Seneca ? Yea what abundance of felf denyal loth he feem to join with them. And yet fo flrange was this higheft naturalifl, to the truefl

The Epi/lle Dedicatory. truef} Charity or Pelfdenyal, is fell that is his principle, end and all : For a man to be fufficient for himfelf and happy in himfelf without troubling God by prayer, or needing man, was the fumm of his Religion. Pride was their mailer verrue, which with us is the greatefl vice. And for all his Teeming contempt of Riches and Pleafures, yet Seneca keeps up in Inch a height of riches andgreatnefs, as that he was like to have been Emperour. And fome- time to be Drunken he commends, todrive awaycares and raife themind; pleading the ex- ample of Solon and 4rceftaus ; confefsing that Drunkennefs was obje6ted even toCato their highell pattern of vertue; affirming that theob. jeaors mayboner make the crime honefl,then Cato difhoneil. Among all thisfeeming Charity and Self= denyal, that proveth not a fanaiñed heart,how excellent ( but too rare) is the true felf-4enyal and charity of the Chriftian ; who hat quit all pretence of Title to himfelf, or any thing that he bath, and path confecrated himfelf and all to God ; refolving to imploy himfelf and it entirely for him ; fludying only to be well informed which way it is that God would have him lay it out. And among th.efe Saints rhexn-

The EpleDedicatory. themfelves, how rare is, that excellent man,that is Covetous and Laborious for God and for the Church and for his Brethren : And that Bothas providently get and keep, and as Pain. fully Labour, ( how rich foever he be) and as much pinch his flefh (inprudent moderation) that he may have the more to Give and to do good with, and,make the heft of his Mailers flock ; as other men do in making Provifion . for the flefh, and laying up for their poflerity. Sir, as far you have proceeded in this Chri- ílian art, you are yet in the world, among the fnares and lime-twigsof the Devil ; in a ¡lad- on that makes`falvation difficult ; and there- fore have need of daily watchfulnefs, and to proceed and perfevere in an enmity to the world,and a Believing Crucifixion of it,ifyou will be faxed from it,and reflore it to its proper ufe, and captivate it, that captivateth fo many. As foine help hereunto; I crave your Perutal of this Treatife. And that it may do you good, and the manyBlefsings promifed to the chari- table may refl upon you, and on your Yoak- fellow, (that path- learned this Crucifying of the world) and upon your pot+erity, (hall be the prayers of Feb. zo. Your fellow foldiour againft the flail and world, I65f Ricb. Baxter.

The Preface : To the Nobilty and Gentry, aiad all that have the Riches of this world. Honourable, Wor(hipfull, &c. Aving written here of afubjeit that nearly concernethyou, 1 have thought it my duty togive you a place , andaccording toyour Dignity , the firflplace in the Application of it. of which I /)fall firfl tenderyou my Reafons, and thenfet beforeyou the matter of this addrefs. 1. You are among zts the moll eminent andhonouredper- fons, and therefore net tobeneglebted andpall by : you are firft, and therefore fhouldfirfl beferved. You holdyourfelves moll worthyof any temporal honour that's tobe had ; and therefore 1(hall honouryoufo much more, as to judge you fit, to be firfl fpoken toby the Miniflers of Chrifl, in a cafe that doth much more concern you : As you have andwouldhave the precedency in worldlymatters , (a) alfo you (hall have a

The Preface the precedency : Its pitty thatyou_Mall be frill in Hell, tbat are fir(l ina Chriftian Stateon earth ; or that you fhould be Feafl in the Kingdom of Heaven, that are Greateft in that which is efleemed in the world. 2. You are Pillars in the Common- wealth: and the flakes that bear up the reft of the hedge. Tour influence is great in lower bodies : Youfinnot toyour f felves only ; nor areyou Gracious only to yourfélves. The(pots in the Moon are feenby more, and its Ecclspfesfelt by more, then the blemi/hes or changes of many of us infe- riour wights. You arc ourfirft figures, that flandfor more in matters of publick concernment, then allthat follow. You are the Copies that the refl writeafter and they aremore prone to Copy out your vices then your graces. You are the firft [beets in the Prefs ; you are theStewards o f God, who are entrufedwith his talentsfor the ufe of many. You are the noble members of the Body Politick, whofe healthorfick- nefs is communicated to the refl : If you be ungodly, the whole body langui/teeth : If you live andprofper, it will go the betterwith us all : Foryour Wifdom, andHolinefs, and lattice, will be operative ; and your Elation allowetb them great advantage, to work uponmany, and to emulate akind of univerfal Caufality. Interefi is the worlds byzs ; and all Power bath refpea to ufe : You that havepofjeßionof the rreafure that is focommonlyandhighly efleemed, may do much to lead the fenfual world by it, which way you pleafe : Be it betteror be it war/c., they willfollow him that bears the purfe. Ifmoney can do wonders , you maydo wonders. As Money can perfwade the blind, topart with Godand lifeever- lafling, andto renounce Religionand Reafon it felf, fo no' doubt but itmight dofomethingwere itfaztbfally ufed, though not diretly>to fanaifie the heart, yet fomewhat to incline it to the means by which it may befantlifled. You that have Power.toHelp or Hurt, to make it Summer or Winter toyour Meets, andtopromote orcrofs the. intereft of thefefh, are hereby

The Preface hereby become a kindof Gods, in the eyes of them that mind this Interefl, (as in higher refpecis you are unto Believers.) F(pecially peeing they want that eye of faith, by which they ,Mould know the Sovcraign Lz(ajefly,whoat his pleafore dab difpofe both of you and them , thefe purblindfanners can reach nofurther. but are contented to be Ruled byyou, as ter- refirial Deities : They fee you, but they fee not God : the know you, andperceive the ( s of your favour and¿if- ?leafage : but being dead to. God, and favouring only f efbly things, theyfcarce obferve hisfrailes orfrowns. They feethat which is vifable to theeye which they have the fife of ; but the objets of faith are to them as Nothing, becaufe they have no eye to fee them. And fceing you have filch publick intereft and influence,it is our duty farfl to look after yourfouls, and to fee that you receive the heavenly impre s. 3. To which Imayadd, that no men have ufuallymore need of ad- viceand help then you. For your temptations are the firong- efl : The world killeth by itsflatteries : It is not the having it, but the Loving it that undoes men: Andhe is much liken to over-love it, that bathwhat he wouldhave, and liveth ins plentiful provifaons for hisflefh , then he that bath nothing from it but trouble and vexation. u is not poverty, and prifons, andficknefs thatare the flattering panders of the world,but profperityand content to the flefh. Though Iknow that manyof the poor, do moll of all aver-value the world , becaufe they never tryed fo much of its vanity, brat Handing at a diftance from profperity , do think it a greaterfelicity then it is : For thofe are moll-in Love with the world that dealt know it ; as thofe that leaf! know him are leafí in Love with, Godand eternalglory. But yet it is pleafang and not difpleafng, flattering rather then buffeting; that is the means of deceiving filly fouls, andHealing their heartsfrom God to the world. Tour mountains lie open to ftronger winds then our williesdo r Andyourgulfs and greater firearm are (a 2 ) not

ThePrefàce. not fofoordable as our morefhallow waters He neverfludyed' GodandHeaven, nor his own heart, that knowethnot that it is a very difficult thing to have an heavenly mind in earthly profperity, and to live in the defires ofanother world, while wefeel allTeem to gowell with its in this. Howhard to be weanedfrom the world, till we Puffer in it ; yea till we are plunged intoan utter defpair, of ever receivinghere the fa- tisfallion ofour defires. 4. And truly ive have too much fad experience, of the fenfuality andungodlinefs ofmoll of the Rich, tofuf fer us to think thatyou have leaft need of our admonitions: Which leadeth me up to the Matter of my t.Addrefs, which isfrfl to complain of you toyour felves, and then toAdmonifhyou, anddaftly to Directyou. i . I know Ifpeak to thofe (for the moll part) that 'pro- fefs to believe a Life tocome but o thatyou had the hone- fly to live asyou doprofefs ! Toss darti notput it into your creed,that you believe thatearth is more deflyable then Hea- ven, and that its better Peek fir/l after Carnalprofperity and delight, then for the Kingdomof God, and the Righteouf- nefs thereof. Tou wouldbe afhamed tofay that it is thewifefl courfe frfl to makeprovißon for thefle/b, andtoput of God andyourfalvationwith the leavings of theworld. And do you think it isnot as bad andas dangerous to dofo, as to fay fo ? Would it bringyou to your journeys end, to be of the opinion that you /hould be up ana'going, as long asyou fit fold ? Right opinions in Religion are fo unlikely to fave a manthatcro¡feth them in his praclife, thatfuch'hall be bea- 'tenwithmany gripes. Ilsad rather be in the cafe of many .a Fopifh Fryer, that renounceth the world, though in away that bath many errours , then in the cafe of may anorthodox Gentleman that is drowned in thecares andpleafures of this life : Tea I think it will be eagerfor a Socrates a Plato, in the day ofjudgement, thenfor fich. Chriflianity is a prraíáácal Religion It is a,devoted feeking, for another life, by,,

ThePreface. by the improvement and contempt of this : Pat not that in- to your Life, that you are a(hamed toput into your Profe /i- on or Belief. I f youDo au Infidels, youwill be as miferable as if you Believedbut as Infidels. And Prailifing 4 while againfl your Confcience, maycoufe God toforfakeyourjudge- ment alfo, andgiveyou over to Believe as you Live, becaufe you would not Live as you Believed. And Ifear that this is the cafe of fome of you : Nay I have toomuch realm to know it, thatfome of our Gentry, even perfans of note and honour among us, haveforfaken Chrifl andare turned Infidels; and by the Love of this world , have carnally adhered to itfo long , till they are fofarfortaken of God , as to think that there is no other Life for them hereafter. Godbath aneye on thefe wretches ; and men have an eye onfame of them. I gall now leave them in theirflippery Elation, till a fitter op- portunity. Some we have of our .Nobilityand Gentry that are Learned, Studious andPioçcs,andan honour andblefsing to this u,lhy Land ; or elfe it were not like tobefo well with rm as t But oh how numerous ark the [enfoal and pro- phone which provoked thatheavenly Poet, of Noble extrait ( c/Ylr. G. Herbet, Ch, porch ) to fay, O England full of fin, but tnoft of floth, Spit out thy fiegm, and fill thy breft with glory Thy Gentry bleats, as if thynative cloth, Transfu fed a fheepinefs into t by Rory : Not that they all are fo; but that the moft9 Are gone to grafs and in the pafture loft. Gentlemen, I have no mind to diflionouryou, but compaf- flan on your fouls andon the Nation , commands me to com- plain, in order to reform you : Andyet if youfinned and perifbed alone, we were the lefs unexcufable if we letyou alone. What Abundanceof you are fitter tofw:ll in abuttery, (a 3). or

The Preface. orgorgeyour (elves at afeat', pride over poor mens corn in hawking andhunting, then togovern the «emmon- wealth , and by udgement and Example to lead thepeople in the waits of life ! What abundance ofyou wafle your precious hears infeafling, and[ports, and idlenefs, and complement- ing, and things impertinent to your great bitfnefs in the world,as ;ham hadnogreater things tomind ? Hadyou been by another commanded toa Dung-cart , or like a C<<rryer to follow pack- horfes,(anhonefler andmore honourable life then yours)you would thinkyour (elves enflavedand dilhonoured: Andyet when Godbathfet before you an EternalGlory , you debate your own fouls by wilful drenching them in theplea- fares, and cares , and vanities of the world, andhave no mind of that high and noble work , which Godappointed you.Sothat whenmanypoor men are ennobledby an Heaven- ly Difpofition, andan HeavenlyConverfation, you enfave yourJelves to that which they tread underfeet , and refute the only noble life That which they account and drofs, anddung, that they may win Chrift and b and in him, (Phil. 3. 7, 8. ) that do you delight in and live upon Ai your treafure. When once you know whether Godor your money be better, whether heaven or earth , whether eternity or time be better , you will then know which is thenobleft life. Nay what abundance are there among you, that make a very trade offenfuality, and turnyourfumptuous houfes in- toflies, andyour gorzeous atparelinto hanfom trappings, if theappurtenances may receive their names from the ffe fors :. Thatnever knew what itwas to fpend one day or hour of your lives, in a diligentfearchofyour heartsandwaies andheart- breaking lamentation ofyourfin and mifery, and inferìsus thoughts of the life to come : but go onfrom feafi tofeaft, andcompany to company, andfrom one pleafure to another, asif you mufl never hear of this again ; and as if you

The Preface. you were fo drunken and befotted with the world, thatyou . had forgotten that you are men, or that you have a God to pleafe, and a foul toPave or lofefor ever. Nay how many of you hate afaithful Preacher, andan holy life, andmake them the ordinary matter of your fcorn; andcheat your fouls with afew ceremonies andformalities, as if byfuck a Carnal Re- ligíoufnes, you could make all whole, when you have li- vedto thefief!), and loathed the Spiritual warfhip of God that is a Spirit, and the heavenly lives of hislanaifled ones, and confequeruly the Law that commandethfuck a life , and the God that is the ofaker of that Law. I call not your Civil Controverßesyour vtitalignity ; but it is the proper title o f your Enmity to flolinefr : vind is it not enough thatman in Honour will be without underllanding,andmake bimfelf like the beans thatperifh, Pfal. 44. ao. but you mull alfo take up theSerpentine nature, and hifing and flinging waft be the requital that you return to Chrifl for all your Honours. Think , if you haveyet a thinking faculty, whether this be kindly, or honefitly, or wifely done, and what its like tobe to yourfelvesin the end. Your Riches andHonours do now hide a great deal of your fhame ; but will it not appear when thefe raggs are tornfromyour backs, andyour fouls are left in nakedguilt.? Saith Chryfoftom, [ If it were poffible to do Juftice on the Rich, as commonly on the poor we could have al,; the Prifons filled with them but Riches with their other evils have alfo this evil, that they fave men from thepúnifhment of their evil.] (o but how long will theydo fo ? ) This wasplain dealing of an Holy Fa- ther: and is it not fuch as is as needful nowas then ? Isit not Greatnefr more then Innocency thatEaves abundance ofyou from ¡brigandpuni(hment ? Ray many of you think that becaufe you are rich, it is Lawfulforyou tobe Idle, and Lawful valuptuou(ly togive up your [elves topleafuses and recreations, andyouthink that you

you may do with your own asyou lift ; as if it hadbeen gi- iven you to gratifie the fief') : The words that converted Auftin, never funkyet into yourhearts , Rom. 13. r 3,14, [ Let us walk honettlyas in theday : not in rioting and drunkennefs, not in chambering andwantonnefs, not in ftrife.and envying, but put ye on the Lord Jefùs Chrift, and make no provifion for the fiefh, to fulfill the tufts thereof. ] You never felt the meaning ofthofe words,Rom. 8. i 3. If ye live after the flefh ye fhall die : but ifby the Spirit ye mortifie the deeds of the body ye (hall live. ] But to turnmy Complaint into an Admonition, Tbe- leech you confider what you are, andwhatyou do. i. How unlike areyou to 9efaaa Chrift your pattern, that denyedbins= felf all the Honours, and Riches, and Carnal delights ofthe world. Read over his Life, and Readyour own, andjudge whether any man on earth, bemore unlike to Chrift, then a" voluptuous, worldly Gentleman ? Efpecially ifMalignity be addedto hisfenfuality. z, Howunlike areyou to theholy LawsofChrift. Are his precepts of MortificationandSelfdenyal imprintedin your hearts , and predominant in your lives ? Is a beaft any more unlike aman, then your hearts and lives" are unlike Chrifts Laws ? 3. How unlike are you to the Antient Chriftians, that forfookall and followed Chrift, and lived in a Commu- nityof charity ? Andhowunlike to every gracious fóul, that is dead to the world and bath mortifiedhis mem- bers upon earth , and bath his converfation in another world. Areyou not fuck aT Paul wept over , Phil " 3. a 8. Whofe God is their belly , who glory in their fhame, and who mind earthly things , and that are enemies to the Crofs of Chrift. ] though perhaps you areno enemies to hts Name. Believe it, Gentlemen, whatever yourthoughts of

The Preface. of your (elves may be , you will find that no Religionwill, fave you, that floopeth to the world, and is but anunderling to your flefhly interefl. 4. How unlike are you toyour Profe(sion andyour Cove- nant with God ? and to your Confefsions, and Prayers to him ? Did younot renounce thefle/h, the world andthe De- vil in your Baptifrn ? Do you not (till Profefs that heaven is belt, dndGod is to bepreferred, and yet willyou not do it, but letyour own Profefsions condemn you ? Do you not ordi- narily con fefs that the world is vain , and yet will youPhew your felves fich Dif fenablers, an to love andPeek it more then God ? 4s if there were no more Power in the Spirit of Cisriflianity, then in the opinion of Zeno the Philofopher, who having, oft faid that Poverty andFiches wereneither good nor bad, but things indifferent, was yet difrayed when he heard that hisfarms were feized on by the enemies , the Princehaving fcnt onewith the report to try him; telling him when he had done, that Now Riches andPoverty weruot things indifferent. Row oft have you prayed to be faved from Temptation ? andyet will youRill dote upon your[noes and fetters ; andthew yourfelves filchhypocrites as to love the temptations whichyou pray againft. 5. roil areguilty of adouble injury to God; in that you are obliged to him as his Created fubje/s , and yet more ob- liged by your Riches and Honours, which he hath given you foryour Maflers ufe, [T owhom men give much , from them will they exped the more, Luke i 2.48. ] For a fervant that hath double wages to abufe you ; for afriend that path received double kindnefs to prove falte toyou ; for a commander in the Array to betrayhis General , is fure:an aggravation of the crime. Muff God advanceyou bighefl , andwill you thrall him loveft inyour heart ? Mutt hefeed you with the beft, andcloathyou with the heft and will you put himof with the worfi ? Have you ten times; or an haw- ( b) dred

The Preface. dyed times more wealth from him , then many an h©neft heavenly Believer ; andyet willyou Love and Serve him left ? 6. Is itnotpitty and [hame, that you fhouldthus turn Mer- cies themfelves intofin, anddrawyour bane from that which might have been ablef,ing e Willyou be the worfe, becaufe Godisfo goodtoyou ? mughegiveyou health and timefor hráfervice, andgive you finchplentifulprovófaun andafsifl- ance, andwill you be worfe in health then others are in Fick- nefs, andworfe in Plentythenothers are inwant ? Is not this the way to dryup the ftrearns of Mercy, when the more fog have, the worfeyou are ? 7, You exceedingly wrong the. Church and Common - wealth : For it isfor thepublickgood thatyou are advanced;. andyou shouldbe a blefing to the. Land And will you cafi away that time andwealth upon thefle/h, whichyou have re- ceived for fuch noble ends. Rob not theChurch and com- mon.rwealth, of what you owe it ; byengrof ing it to your f elves, or conjumiug it onyour lulls. 8. Great men have agreat account to make You /hall fhortly hear, [Give account of thySteward- fhip,for thou lhalt be no longer Stewarq. ] If Gadhave entrufiedyou you with a thoufandpound a year, at is not the fame reckon- ing that mull ferveyour turn, es wouldferve his turn that hadbut an hundred,.. Tour improvement mull befomewhat anfroerab'e to your receivings, Do you need to be told, howfada reckoning it will thenbe, tofay [Lord r im- ployed moft of it in maintaining the Pomp and Plea lure of my felf and family, . even that Pomp of the world, and thofe fnfrtl !lifts of the flefh , which in my Baptifm Ì forfwore; and the reff I left to my children, tomaintain them in the famepomp and pleafures except a few fcraps cf my Revenews which I gave to the ;Church, or poor. 9. Your

ThePreface. 9. Tour wealth andgreatnefs do afford yougreat oppor- tunities to dogood, andtofurther the[alvation ofyour felves and others : and worldltnefs andfenfuality willrobyou of thefe opportunities. o horn manygood works might you have done, to the honour-of your Lord, and the benerit of *there and your felves if you hadmade the bell of your Interef? andEftates ? The lofs of the Reward willfhortly appear to you it greater lofs, then that whichyou now account the lofs of your egates . io. Your worldlinefs and fenfuality is a fin againfl your own experience, and the experienceof alltheworld. You have long tryed the world ; and what bath it donefor you that you fhould fo over-value it. You know that it is the common vote of allthat ever tryedit, loaner or later, that it is vanity and vexation. Andhaveyounot the wit or grace, to learnfrom fo_ plain a teacher as Experience , yea your own experience,yea andall the worlds experience. i . You fin alfa againfl your very Reafon itfelf and again]i your certainknowledge. You knowmoll certainly that the worldwillferveyou but a little while. You know the day is hard at hand when it will turn you off ; and you (hallfay , I have nowhadall that the world can de for me Naked you came into it , andnakedyouneplIgo out of it. Haud ullas portabis open Acherontis ad andas. And then you jhall more finfably know what you nowfo overvalued , andwhat you preferredbefore God and your falvation, then now 1 amable to makeyou know. G what low thoughts will every one ofyou have of all your pomp andpleafure, your vain-glory andall yourfle/hly accommodations,whenyouper- ceive that they aregone, and leave your fouls to the Iuflice of that God , whom for the leve of themyou wilfullyneg. leted ? 1 fpoor menof mean and low education , were fo fottilh as not to knowthefe things, me thinks itMould not be fowith you, that are bred tomore underflanding then they. (b 2) I2. Laftly,

The Preface.,, 12. Laflly,,you fin againfl the moll plain and terrible pafJages of Scripture, feconded with dreadful judgements of God, inflitledeither upon your [elves, orat leaf onothers ofyour rank before your eyes. You have read or heardthe words of Chriii, Luk9, 25. [For what is a man ad- vantaged, if he gain the whòle world, and lofe himfelf, and be caft away.] And Luke 12. 33, 34. Sell all that you have, and give alms : provide your felves baggs which wax not 'Id, a treafure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth neither mothcorrupt- ed'. For where your treafure is; there will your hearts be alto. ] Youhave heard there the terrible Parable of the Richman, Luke 12. 16,17,.18, 19) 2o. which endeth ¡kith [ Thou fool , this night thy foul "hall be required ofthee,and then whole (hall thole things be which thou, haft provided.] with thisgeneral applicatioy, [ So is he that layethup treafure for himfelf, and is not Rich to- wards Gad ] . Andyou have.heard that more dreadful Par- able Luke 16. of the Rich man that was cloathedira purpleand fared fumptuoufly, and wheat was his endlefs end. You have heard the difficulty of thefalvation of the Rich. Luke 18. 24, ,25. '[ flow hardly fhall they that have Riches enter into the Kingdom ofGods ] Becau e they are fohare; keptfrom loving them inordinately, and trailing in them..Youhaveheardhow fully Chrifi is refol- tied that no man can be his Dilciple that forfaketh not all that he bath for hin, Luke 14. 33, 26, 27. And ifyou goneverfofar in your obedience,andyet lack this one thing, to part withall (in affefiion, and refolution , and prac`íife when herequireth it) and follow Chrift in fiafferings and wants in hopeof a tr.eaflare in heaven, its certain that Chrifl andyommislipart. Lake 18, 22. You have heard the ter- rible palages in Jam. 5. 1, 2, &c.-and abundance [rich in ?be wordofGod : Andyet areyou not afraid of worldlinefs gay

ThePreface. or. fenfuality ? You have feen in England the Riches of abundance quickly featured, that were longin gathering ; and Godknows how many loft their fouls, to build that which afew years wars pull'ddown. Andyet when you have but a little breathing time, you are at it again as eagerly 45 ever; as men that knew nogreater good, and are acquaintedwith no better and more gainful an employment. Gentlemen, do you know indeed, what it is that you make fo great a ftir for ? which you value at fo high a rate ? whichyou holdjofa,fl r whichyou enjoy fo fully ' You donot know : I dare fay by your tilingof it that you donot know it. or elfe you would foon-have other thoughts of it, and ufe it in another manner. Come nearer, and fee it through : and look into the infide. Canfult not with blind andpartial fenfe ;bat put on a w:foile thefpellacles offaith : go into the Sanlluary, and fee theend. Nay Rea/on it Pelf may tell you much of it. When you mull part with it, you'l wi[b it hang'd loofe from you, andnot been foglued toyou, as to tear your hearts. Youfeel not what the Devils lime-twigs have done, till you are about to take wing, either by an hea= venly contemplation, or bydeath ; and thenyou`l findyour felves entangled. The )vorld is like to bad Phylitians, rum fucceffus Sol intuetur,errores auteen Tellus operir. The earth bearethyet all the good it d)thyou, but Hell hair hidden fromyou the mifchief that it' bath done t¡¿ millions of your Anceftors : and therefore though this their way was theirfolly,yet do their poflerity approve theirfayings, Pfai. 19. 13. Die ¡nihi, faith Bernard , ubi font am.uores mundi,qui ante pauca temporx nobiicurn.fuerunt r Ni hil ex cjs remanfic, n.fì cineres & vermes. i ctende dili- genter,qui funs & fuerunt, fìcut zu , co ncnederunt & biberunt, riferunt, duxcruot in h Inis dies Coos, &.in punCtoad infernadefcenderunc. H c caro corucnver- rraibus; iilic anima eorum fl umnis de.pucatur , donee (b 3_) rurfes A _

The Preface ru ( i rge`ici collegio colligate i mpi.e pis ignibus in vohantur. Who wouldfo value that which he mug eter- nally complain of, andnot only fay, It bath done me nogood, but agofay ; It bath deceivedme andundone me e 1 would not thank you to makeme the owner of all your Lands and Honours to day , and take it fromme all tomorrow. What the better now areyour Grand lathers , and great Grand- fathers,for lying in chafe houfes and ;offing thole lands, and honours and pleafrires, that you po(Jefs Vnler they ufed themfpiritually, and holily for God, and heaven, and the common good , theyare now in hellfor their fenfu- ality uponearth, and are reaping as they havefown, 6. 728. ) and paying dear for all their pleafures. Their bones anddufl dogiveyou no noticeof any remnants oftheir honours or delights ; andif you faro theirfouls, you would befurtherfatisfied. It may be thereflands agilded Monu- ment , over their rottennefsand daft ; and. it may be they have left an honourable namewith thofethat follow them in their deceit, (and f might the tormented Rich man with his Brethren, Luke 16. who were following him towards that placeof torment.) A jufl judgement of God it is , to togive up men that choofe deceit, to be thus befooled: That theyfhouldnot only defpife thedurable Riches, and choofe a dream of honour, wealth andpleafure here; bat alfo, that their endmay anfiver their beginning , they fliould alfo take .up with 2 pictare ofhonour and feltcitywhen theyare dead That their deceivedpofterity may fee aguildedImage bear- ing an honourable mention of their names, and hear them named with applaufe , and fo may be alluredthee morebold; ly togoafter them. Andfo afhadowofwifdomand vertue, batha fhadow offurvivingHonourfor its Reward ; -which alas , neither foul nor body is the better for. Tom fee that allyour wealthandhonour will notpreferveyour Honourable corpfe from loathfom putrefatlion. How much lefs will kip

The Preface keepyourguilty fouls,from the place that you have herebeen purchafrig by yair Mammon Sic metit Grandia cum parvis non exorabilis auro. If this beyour Wealth, and Honour, and Delight, the Lord deliver mefrom fuch a felicity Iitæc alai capiunt; liccat mini pauperecultu Securo, chard nutnine poire frui. For what is the hope of the hypocrite, though he bathgained, (or fcraped together , as the Hebrewmay be turned) when God (halls take (or pull) away his foul e . ob z7. 8. [ The triumphing (or praire) of the wicked is fhort , (or but at hand) and the joy of the hypocrite is but fora moment, Job 20. 5,. Tea one would think that the very troubles and(mart that in this life accompanyeth your wealth and honour , in the getting andkeeping, and the gripes of confcfence, that the fore-thoughts of theparting hour, and your heavy reckon- ing, mufî needs mixwith allyour pleafare and vainglory , unlefs you have laid afleep your writs ; befides your experi- ence of the emptinefs anddeceit of all thatyou have over- valued ; Ifay, one wouldthink that this much fhould fame- what allay 'oar thirf , and calm your minds, andmake you thinkof a better treafsre. Sure I am that God would do ten thoufandfoldmorefor you, -a rd be better to you ; andyet be- caufe ofcome fle(hl y arguments , you are turned awayfront him. He cannot be thus loved, and delighted in, and fought, andyet he_offerethmore for you,gt, en the world dash. .SaithAugu(tine, Eccemundns turbat, 3t amatur ; quid áì, tranquillus effet formofo gaomodohitreres , qui lic .

The Preface. c ampleëkeris fcedum : Flores ejus quomodo collige- res, quia fpin's non revocas manumf j And it is jug- that they fbould have a bed of thorns, that wilfullymake choice of it. Seneca thus juftifeth God , -that though he givemenfilch perplexities andvexations it is nullis nifi optantibus, only to them that will needs have it (o, and are choofers of their own diiruîíions : Choofers do 1fayt Tea and willcompafs Sea and Landfor it a Stretch con fciencefor it till it tear or can firetch nofurther ' opprefs anddefraud for it ( fame of them) r break vows and-Co- venantsfor it : fell GodandHeaven for it : fcrambling withfrith diflrailedviólencefor the fmoaky honours, the no- minalwealtb,the intoxicatingpleafures ofafew hafty daies, that they care not what they part withfor them, nor who they bear down thatflandeth in their way. Qid non mor- talia pectora cogit, Auii Sacra fames . And is ChriJi . worth no more , then to be fold with Judas forfobatea price e isour heavenly birth-right a thing fo bafe,, or the yromife ofour immortal crown fo uncertain , as tobe parted with on Efaú's terms e isGod andEndlefs Glory worth no more, then this comes to ! Propter nu:nmos Deum con- temnere, faith Hierom, to defpife and caft off God,for a thing fo bate , is the bafeft kind of defpifing him. The Idolators that villifiedhim by making images of him, were askt, Towhom will you liken me , faith the holy One, Ifa. 40. 18, 25. And theft (enfual,andcovetous ido lators mull be asked, [Whom will you match with God or fee up againft him, and prefer before hint. What will you choofe, if you choofe not him? What shall be your portion inftead of heaven e ] Doih it ex- cufe you that the world bath Jo lovely an afpea e 2'es , if God be not moreamiable then it, and ifhisface andfavour be not more defirable. Doth iteccu eyou that the Baits of the world are pleafartand that it o ered youfair : Yes if God

The Preface. Godhad iint dài-bid it', and offered' you ten thoufand times more, Doth it excufe you that the world is nearandcer- tain, _. and heaven uncertain or out of fight ? res , if you are beaus that have no Reafon to knowwhat will be but on- 1y folk to feel what is ; or if Godhave not givenyou an falltble promife, befriended by Reafon, Pealed by multitudes of uncontroled Miracles , and tranfcribed on his fervants hearts ; andif the Greatnefs of the Glory promifed werenot fuffuient to do more at a divance with a man of faith and reafon, then childifh trifles near at hand as the Sun at a 'difiance'giveth us more light thena glow, worm that is bard by. Yea and if the worldwhich you think fo certain, were not certainly trapf tort' andvain ; fo that he thatgets it , is certain (portly to be nogainer , andhe that loofeth it , to be no loafer. You look on a poorpraying felf-denying Believer, but you lookbeforeyou on aSaint that(hall raign with Chrift, and judge the world, when he cometh to be glorified in his Saints, and admired in all them thatbelieve, 2 Thef. i . io. You fee them low their feed in tears , but fee itnot fpringing up, nor do youfirefee the joyful harvef. Youfee themfollowing 'Chrift through tribulations, bearing his Croft anddefpifing the (home ; but you fee them notyetfet down withhim on their thrones. The'fightyou fee, but the triumph you fee not. You fee them toff at sea, butyouknownot how Are a Pilot they have ; nor do you fee the riches of their fraigbt;. You fee fckne fsor perPetitionunpinning their care ruptible rags, anddcathi witolrefing them, but you fee not the cloathes which they are putting on. You fee them laidafleep by death but you fee not their awaking ; nor the'rïung of their Sun, when the Righteous (ball have dominion in'the morning. The -miin th it is dead to the worldyou fee ; but yvtfee not the life that is hidwith Chrifi in God , nor their appearing with ',him in Glory,,.when Chrifi who is their life sppears! .Tour .unbelieving folds imagine -there will be no (e) May

The Preface. Miy or harve/ , becaufe it is now enterwith us : You think the hole andbeautiousflowers which are promifed us in that Spring, are but ddufons , becaufeyou know not the vertue of that life Chats ix the root , nor the Powerful influence of that Sun of the Believers. Youfee the deadbody, butyou fee not the foul alive with Chrifl, retired into its Root. You fee the Candleput out, and know not whether theflame is gone , and think not how fmall a touch of the yet living foul will light it again. Andfo on the other fide,you look on thefwaggeringGallant, but you look not on the ulcerous foul 5 you hear them laughing andjefi ng in their jovialty ; butyou hear themnot yetgroan- ing in their pains : you fee them clambering into the feat of honour, but fee them not call into thegrave : you fee them run and ride inpompe and pleafure, following the delights ofthefelh, attendedby theirfollowers that honour and ap- plaud them ; but you fee them not yet gafping under the pangs ofdeath, nor laid in the dull as 'fill as flanes. You fee their beauty and glittering attire, but you fee not the pale andgbafllyface that death will give them, nor the skulls that arefiript ofall thofe ornaments ; you finell their perfumes, butyou finellnot theirputrefatllion ; youfee their lands andfpacious houles and,í mptuous furniture ; bat you fee not how narrow a room willferve them in thegrave ; nor how little there they differ from the mo/l contemptible of men. Nay more you fee them with Ahabgoing forth ta battle, and leaving the Prophets the bread andwater of dill .elion ; but you fee them not yet returning with the mortal blow ; youfee them in their honours andabundance, but fee themnot on Chrills lefthand in judgement: you fee them cloatbedrichly andfaring deltc'oufly every day ; but youfee them not inhelltorments, wtThing in vain fora drop of water to abate their flames; : you hear themhonoured, arsdbear their words ofprideandiflcntatien but you hear them

The Prefaee them not yet crying out of their folly and bewailing their lofs of prefent time , and lamenting in vain the unhappy choice that not' theymake. Sirs, believe it, future things are as lure as prefent : 7hefe things arenofables, becaufe they are not vifible yet : You fee not God, and yea he is the .Principal Intelligible objelt : you fee not your own Intel- leclual fouls ; andyet you knowyou have thane, by the Intel- lecíron of other things. Tau feenot your own eye-fight ; and yet you know that an eye-fightyouhave, by theteeing ofother things. If there were not an Invifible God, there would have beenno vifble creatures. Vifibles aremorevile , and arefor Isvifibles that are more noble. Our vifable Bodies , arefor our Invifble Souls. This vifïble life, is the womb of everlafling life that is Invifble : we are hatchedby the spi- rit in this lhell, till we are ready topafsforth into thatglori.. otos light that here we fee not. I befeech you Gentlemen awake, and be not to lamentably deceived, as to think that your honourable PleaPant Dreams , are theonly Realities, O no ! it is the life awaking hour , that will (hewyou the now unconceivable Realities. Tom are nowPit as in ¡eft in your pomp and pleafure ; but youfball then be ingoodfad- nefs in your pains and lofs ; if Sanctifying Grace do not prevent it , by putting you out of your ¡calling vein, and making you in good fadnefs to be men of Real Faith and Bolinefs, and about youfor the Real yoies. Believe it Sirs , the life of Chriflianity is not abaxe opinion : It is a living by faith upon a life invifble : and f©,ferious refol- ving a Belief of the Truth of the everlafling ble(fednefs(as purchafedandgiven by : efus ChrifI toperfevering Saints) as ef'el uafly turneth the affections and endeavours of the man tothe Loving andPeeking it aboveall this world. Its one thing!o takeGodand heaven for your portion, as Belie-. vers do ; andanother thing to bedefroue of it as a refe ve, when you can keep the worldno longer. Its one thing to f ?b- (e Z) mit

ThePreface. mit to Haven 45 a Le(fer evil then hell ; and another thing todefire itas agreater Goodthen earth. Its one thing to lay upysur TreafureandHopes in heaven, andto peek it aril á and another thing tobe contented with it in your Necefity, and to feek the worldbefore it , audgiveGod that the f efb can(pare. Thus dif'ereth the Religion offerions Cbriflians, andof Carnal worldly hypocrites.But 't fhallbreak (Tiny Ad- monition, andend with fume Advice. Direci, r. Look upon this world and all things in it; with the fore-feein eye of Faith and Realon, and val- lue it but as it deferves : And thenyou will neither beea- ger after it, nor too much delighted in it, nor puft up by it , nor will it fo prevalently entice you to venture or neglect eternal things. Didyouknow andwell confider but what an empty fadingthing it is, you could never b : fat with fo poor a portion, nor quiet yourfouls,till you had a(furance er found hopes of better things : Nor waulUyou take fuck plea hire in childi(h trifles ; nor debafeyourfelves , to be fo inor- dinately imployed 'aboutfuck low andfordid matter,, while God andyour eternal happinefs are laid by. You take not your felves for the bafeft of men much le fs for bruits or ideats : o then do not make yourfelves the bafeft , and do not unmanyour [elves, andbrutifte your immortal fouls. R heathencould fay, [Neinoalias e( Deodignas nitï qui opes contempfìt.. ] 1 f youwouldbe Rich, cho% that which will makeyou Rich indeed t make fore of his favour that is the ablative Lord' ofall, and thenyoucan want nothing, whatever you, may be without. vsnd if yet you thirflfor worldly Riches, or inordinately Love them, and renacioutly: keep them from your Mailers ufe, remember that this drfco- verethyour difeafe; and therefore Mouldmindyou rather to sure it then tofeed it It; is not money nor any thing in this warld, that will cure fuck 44 empty depraved foul. As Se- necafaith, If a pickman be carriedabout, whether in

The Preface. a. bed of gold or a bed of wood, his difeafe is carried with him. It is not a golden bed that will cure adifeafed man : Nor is it all thegoldor honour in the world, that will' helpfach a deluded foul, as thinks this world will make l im happy. Get but thecure of your Carnal minds , and a little will ferveyou. For it is your finful fancy that would have much, andnot your nature that needs much. Saith Seneca, Si ad'naturam vives, nunquam eris pauper ; fi ad opi- nìonem, nunquam eris dives : Exiguum natura deiide- rat ; Opinio immenfum. ] 11e is not the poor man that bath but little ; but he that wouldhave more : Nor is he the Rich man that bath much, but be that is content with what he bath. If you pray but for your daily bread, be not flab hypocrites a,s. by the bent of your delires to crofs your graters. .The nearefl way to Riches, faith the Laforaltfl. is the con tempt of Riches ; and faith the Cbrifl-an , to be Rich in faith, andheirs of the Kingdom which Godbath prornifed all that Love him , Jam. 2.5. Thegreatefl Richer are got (proportionably) on the ea[iefl terms Loving the world will not procure it : but Loving Godwill procure the ever- fruition of his Love. c.Mtllions love theworlá that mils' of it : but noman miffeth of God that Loveth him, above the world. Buy not thefegawds then at a dearer rate, then you may have the Kingdom. If you have not enough make fare of heaven and that will be enough foryou and get a cure feryour difeafedminds, which is eafier and more profitable then tofulfill them. Noman, faith Seneca, can have allthe world : but he may have a mind that can con- temn alitheworld. \re man can have allthat he will : but he may be content to be without it. The difeafe is withinyau, and there mull be the Cure. .Direct. 2. Be. Pure to fix with a ferious faith upon the Inivfble glory as your portion : and then look at all things in thisworld , as good or bad, as they refpet íe..3) yoia. 11111111111111

The Preface. your end:andjudge ofthere as they help or'himrderyou in the main. Nothing but a trulyheavenlymrnd,ts thefaving cure of an earthly mind, No manwill rightly let go earth, till he have the powerful Light that bath /hewedhim thegreat- er good , and given him a tofleof the world tocome. Had younot been .1/rangers toGodandheaven (in heart, what.. everyou werein tongue andfancy) you could never havef o fallen in leve withearth. None arefo much difpofedto tra. wail into other Countries , as they that arefallen out with their own. Remember that you have not onepenny orpennies worth in the world, but what you hadfromGod, andmuffbe accountable to Godfor; and muf employ with an eye upon his will , aridyour falvation. 1 do not callyou to oaf' away your Riches, but to feethatpump all that everyouhave, as will be molt comfortable to you inyour laflreview. I knero,as Seneca faith, He is a wife man that canmakeufe of earthen veffels, as it theywere all hiver : and he is wife too , that canmake ufe of flyer veffels as if they were but earth. Infirmi eft animi pati non poffe divitias : but its one thing to Bear Riches, and Ufe themfor God, and another thing to Enjoy them with delight. I neither take the .1onaflicks to be the only or the highefl in perfeölion ; nor yet do 1 condemn necéfrtatedretirements. For I knew it . is hard to molt to convtrfe with God in tumults, and to hear the fill voice of his Spirit, in the murmuring voile ofa crowd : I know that the commons are uftally more barren and fruitlefs then inclofures : and that the fruit tree that groweth by the high. way fide , !hall havemanyaflame and' cudgel thrown at it which thofe that are inyour orchard (cape. But !fill look to your end, andfecure the main: Dream not thatyou have anyfull. Propriety : Remember thatyou are Gods Stewards. Set therefore your Maffers nameandnot your ownupon everypenny-worthyou po(fe f : Lei Haline& to the Lord be writteis uponall. Poffefs nothing but what is

The Preface. is Devoted to him, to be :fled ? he wouldhave you Put him notoff with (craps andleavings, thatgave you all. So much as youfave from him, you lofe, andworfe then lofe s and fo much as you lfe for him, andfurrender to him, andimprove for him, you fave andmore then fave. For Godlinefs with content is great gain. Andhe that is faithful in a little, (hall be made ruler over much, its thus that all things arefaní`lifled with the Saints. Dirct . 3. Thinknot that your Riches are givenyou to fulfill the leafy inordinate defire of the fief") : Or that you may take ever the more fenlual eafe or pleafure , if you had all the world : But remember that better wages obligeth you to more work end therefore rife as early , and labour as hard in your own employment (the more for the common good, the better) yea and deny yourfefh ad much, ifyou had but foodand rayment. if you have much, give the more, and ufe the more, but en joy never the more ; and let not your fenfoal defiresfind ever themore provifion: A rich man that is wife, anda faithful Steward, may live in ad much(elfdenyal, and labouras hard , and humble hisflefh as much, as he hat bath but his daily bread. God fens you not in provifion for his enemy : All that is made thefoodof fin, or that loth not helpyou up to God , is employedcontrary to the end that you received itfor. Direty. 4. Be lure that you deal with the worldasa Dec iver : Be very fufpiciou6 of allyour Riches , and Ho. hours, and Delights. Feed not on thefe lufciotts fummer- fruits too boldly, or withoutfear. Rememberhowmany mil- lions the world hath deceived before you.,, None come to Hell but thofe that are cheated thither by the flelh and the world. With what exceedingvigilancy then have you need to dealwith fucha dangerauc deceiver.; whenall your-happï. nefs,andallyour hopes is at the ffake:'and ifyou bedeceived, you.ttre undone. lufarce i4 notbig(operidew.:as its fraud,

The Preface Ubi vincere aperte, Non datur , infidias armaq; t,Eta parat. They that have todo with fuch a cheater in a cafe of fuck everlafling confequence, fhouldbe (u/picious of every thing, and trufl the worldits littleas ispofsible,when,Qui cavet ne decipiatur, vix cavet, cum etiamcavet. Et cum caviffe rates eft, fxpè is cautor captus eft (ut Plant. ) .As Bucholcer was wont to fay whenhisfriends extolled hire, rerreri fe etiam laudationibus illis, ut fulminibus ; So fhould you peiTefs your Honours and Riches in the world. And as thefame Bucholcer faid to Hubner when he went to be a Courtier : Fidem diabolorum tibi commende :. credere & contremifcere : viZ; promifsionibus änlicis credere, fed cauti, fed timidè : SoAmidyou be affetácdto the world : 7rufl and tremble ; or rather Trull it not all :: Nal, have younot been deceived by it already ? And will you be more foolifh then thefilly fi(h, that willfcarcelytake the hook that he was once prickedby ; or then thefillyfowls that will be afraid of the net that once theyhave efcaped from, and of theRite that once bath hadthem in her claws: Tranquillas etiam naufragus hornet aquas. Nay at the pretent, ofyou take any heedof your fouls, you may eafaly perceive what a clog the worldis We are commonlybetter when we have lea/t " of it, or are leavingit, then when we have it at our will. A manmayfee the utrsiofl viable part of the earth, andtheHorizon at once bat if lse look on the earth that is near him,he cannotfee the heavens at that time, much left the Zenith, Our Own Riches our Prefent Riches, our Neareft andDeareft temporal good , is'thegreatefl a- verter of themindfrom heaven. Wearecommonly likeAi- tigonusfick fouldier, that fought well becaufe he lookt to die but grew a Cowardas fools as he was cured. So that mofi