Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

66 The Crucifying of the world, Tobe faved is tohave the bleffed vifionof God,and toLove him and Delight inhim perfeâly to everlafting. And can you do this, whenyou love anddelight in the World above him , or in oppofi- tion to him ? Would you have God to fave you, andyet not to take off your affec`kions from the world to himfelf ? That were to fave you, and not to fave you ; to feedyou by that which is not food ; tocomfort you by that which cannot comfort ; If a worldling would be faved, andnot be mortified , either he fpeaks he knowsnot what, but plainnon-fenfe or contradiction or elfe he meaneth oneof thefe two things : Either that he would have an Heaven of worldly Riches , or Honours, er flefhly Pleafures ; ( there is no luch to be had.) Qr elfe , that he would have the . world as long as he can, and have heaven when hecan keep the world no longer, and fo would have,the worldCrucified to him, when there is no filch world, or when he is taken from it. But as,t.No man can truly defire futureGrace and Holinefs,that doth not delire it at the prefent, this being rather an unwilling fubmif_ lion to it as a tolerable Evil, then a true delireof it as a certain Good. So z. God hath determined that this lifeonly fhall be the Way, and that theEnd : Here only mull we ufe the means ; and there 'Mutt we partakeof the fuccefs of our Endeavours. Youmay betterexpect that God fhould give you a Crop at bar- vett, who refufed"to plow and low your Land, or that your chil- dren fhouldbe men, before they are born, then that he fhould be your Happinefs in the life to come, if you finally reject him in this life, and choofe to your felves a fecular happinefs. Such as you now make choice of, luck and no other fhai! you have. Heaven and Earthwere Pet before you. You knew that earthly happinefs was fhort : If yet you would choofe it, think not to have heaven too : For if you do, you will prove deceivedat the WI.. SECT.