Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Croft of Chrift. 69 -of hit Doctrine , I (ball briefly thew , t . TheNeceflity of this Information. And 2. the certain Truth of it. r. Both the Commonne's and the Dangeroufnef i of erring in this point, do Phew the Necefty of this Information. It is not only the contemners of Religion , but alto toomany that go amongus for very godly men, that knownot where their happi- nefs lyeth , nor what the Chriftian Religion is. Almoft all the apprehenfions which they have of Happinefs, are fenfual ; as if it were but a freedom from fenfible punifhments , and the pof- feflionof fore delights of which they have meerly fenfual con. ceits. And fo they thinkof Chrift as one that came to free them from fuch punifhments, and help them to fuch an happinefs as this., And as for the true knowledgeand fruition of God , in Love and Heavenly delights, they look upon thefe either as infig- nificant means, or as certain appurtenances and fruits of Reli- gion, which we ought to have , but may pofiìbly be without, though we be true Believers. A confidence that Chrift hath freed them from torments, and made them righteous by imputa- tion of his obedience unto them, they take to be all that is effen- tiall to their Chriftianity. And the reft they call by the name of Good works ; which if it benot with them a term of as low im- portance , as the name of [ WorksI alone , or [ Wdrkr of the LA I') is taken to be in Pod/ Epiffles, yet at leaft they take it for that which doth not confticute their Religion. So that true San- &ideation is either not underftood, or taken to be of lefs Necef fìcy then it is. A man that makes a great deal of talk and fair about Religion,and is zealous for his opinions and pious comple- ments, goes currant with many for a true Believer , though the Intereft of his flefh andof the world be as near and dear tohim in this way of Religioufnefs, as other mens is to them in a wayof more open profeffed fenfuality. And is it potlible for a man tobe a Chriftian 'indeed, that fo far, miftaketh the very Nature and Ends of Chriftianity it felt ? It is.. not pofíible. By what isfaid already,and will be by and by , it is evident that this is a damning errour , for any man to feign a.. Chriftianity to himfelf that excludeth Mortification or is fepa- . rabie from it in acapable fubjeft. When. men lookat a pre- dominant flefhly iIntereft , or worldlymind , as theydo at fome particular fin, confift nt with true faith : I fay, this is anerrour K, .3 about,