Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Croft of Chrift. 71 prefume todetermine, while Scripture feem« fo filent,and learned conje tures are fo much at odds. But as he is the Redeeming, re- floring Mediator , it is that we fpeak all this while of Chrift : And fò his Office is to recover Gads Intereft in the fouls of men. Now his Intereft lyeth in our Ef}imation, andour Love ; And thefe the world hath difpoffeft him of. It is therefore the work of Chrift to pui`ldown this Idol , and let up God in the throne of the foul. And therefore though faith be the principal Medians, ufing Grace; yet Love is the mofi principal frill, enjoying grace, and more excellent then faith, as the end , or that act which is next the end is more excellent then the means. 2. It is the End of Chrift, his Crofs and Do&r:ne, to Heal eu, and to fave see : to Heal us of our fin ,, and to fave us from at, and its deftrcying fruits. But by fan&ifcation, and 'foby mortifi- cation, doth Chrift thus Heal and Save us. If health be worth nothing, the Phyfician and all his Ph} lick is worth nothing. The Health of the foul obje&ively is God , and formally is ins Holi- nefs, or perfea Difpofednels, and Devotednefs to God of which anon. Thefe therefore doth Chrift come to reftore : And therefore he comes tocall us off the Creature, and bring our af- fe &ions back toGod. 3. It is the End of Chrift, his Crofs and Doctrine, to conquer Satanand deftroy his works, and with him, the refs of the ene- mies of God, andof our falvation : But the world is one of thefe enemies;and the Means by which the Devil doth prevail ; there- fore it is Chrifts End to overcome the World, and caft it out of the hearts of men, Luk. 11.22. yoh, 16.3 3. i lob. 3.5,8. He Was manifef{ed to this end, to takeaWay our-fins, and dejfroy the Works of the `Devil: And therefore he caufeth his followers to over- come him, a 701).2.13 it+ And herewithal ()Verve, that it is.efà fentìal to the Relation to refpect the End; to the Phyfitian , that he be for the health of the patient : and toChrift the Redeemer, that he be the Saviour of his People from their fins, and the Re- ftorer.of their fouls to the Love of God : So that Chrift is denyed and madeno Chrift, where Mortification, and San&sficacion are denied: He is not believed in as Chrift, where he is not believed in for thefe Ends. And therefore he that cometh not wi h this in- tent toChrift, that he may reftore the Image of God upon him, and bringhim off from the Creature u toGod, that he nay live to,.