Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

Bp the,Gt.6fs,nf Chrifl. media telyor more_neatly, and praifebimámonghis Angels for ever ? I fay, have you fo,firm a Belief.a this, that you are un-- fe.ign.edly, refolvedupon it as-your Happinefs that you take ,it for your Portion. and there have laid up your Hopes ? Can you truly fay, that C,od hach more of your Heart thenall the world, and Heaven is dearer toyour thoughts then earth? Can you fay, that.whatever you are tempted ro on the by., that the main care, defìgn and bent of your life isfor. God and the Glory to come e and that this is your dailyWork and Bufinefs ? If fo , you are Chri{tians indeed : you have Crucified the world by the Crofs of Chrift : The world is dead and.down, where God raigneth and is exalted ; and no where elfe. But if all this be cleaneon. trary with you and if the flefh and the world have the prevalent Intereít, and there cut out yourwork, and form your thoughts, and ehoofe your imployments ; if chefe choofe the calling that you live upon, and the manner.of managing it , and your very Rel g on, or fet limits to it ; if itbe thefe that rule your tongne and hands, and they can tpakea caufefcemgood or bad toyen, and that feemeth belt ,which molt conduct!) to your flefhly, worldly interests, andcoat feemeth worst which deft royeth it or is againfi it ; if loved and worshipped but as a iNeceffary Meant to your carnal Happiness ; or it he have but the fecond place in your hearts, and the leavings of the 8rfh and world, be, they never lo much) and if your ftelig on and Endeavours for falvation,for pleafingGod, and for the ictv.iible Glory., be buron the by and the flesh and the worldbath the main fcope, and bent , and drift of your life ; fl +tier not your felves then , molt certainly you are but carnal wretches and drudges of the world , and (laves to him that is {tiled by Chrift , the Prince of this world. Me thinks Sirs you might be able by this time Co be fomewhat acquainted with your own condition, and'either to Condemn your felves as Worldlings and"Carnall men , or to fee Chrift by his Spirit and Intereft reigning in your fouls, and,give him the glory,and rake to your (elves the joy ofyour San tíñcati.. an.Can you tell me but what it is thatyou would'have,if you'had your wish? and what it is that is predominant in your heart? 'Whatt!know you not yourown minds,and thoughts,and delirci? Canyou tell me what it isthat isyour veryBuÎnef, in the world?.? even thegreat that you' live for, and that you itudyi and M ,z 'care