Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

ThePrefàce. not fofoordable as our morefhallow waters He neverfludyed' GodandHeaven, nor his own heart, that knowethnot that it is a very difficult thing to have an heavenly mind in earthly profperity, and to live in the defires ofanother world, while wefeel allTeem to gowell with its in this. Howhard to be weanedfrom the world, till we Puffer in it ; yea till we are plunged intoan utter defpair, of ever receivinghere the fa- tisfallion ofour defires. 4. And truly ive have too much fad experience, of the fenfuality andungodlinefs ofmoll of the Rich, tofuf fer us to think thatyou have leaft need of our admonitions: Which leadeth me up to the Matter of my t.Addrefs, which isfrfl to complain of you toyour felves, and then toAdmonifhyou, anddaftly to Directyou. i . I know Ifpeak to thofe (for the moll part) that 'pro- fefs to believe a Life tocome but o thatyou had the hone- fly to live asyou doprofefs ! Toss darti notput it into your creed,that you believe thatearth is more deflyable then Hea- ven, and that its better Peek fir/l after Carnalprofperity and delight, then for the Kingdomof God, and the Righteouf- nefs thereof. Tou wouldbe afhamed tofay that it is thewifefl courfe frfl to makeprovißon for thefle/b, andtoput of God andyourfalvationwith the leavings of theworld. And do you think it isnot as bad andas dangerous to dofo, as to fay fo ? Would it bringyou to your journeys end, to be of the opinion that you /hould be up ana'going, as long asyou fit fold ? Right opinions in Religion are fo unlikely to fave a manthatcro¡feth them in his praclife, thatfuch'hall be bea- 'tenwithmany gripes. Ilsad rather be in the cafe of many .a Fopifh Fryer, that renounceth the world, though in away that bath many errours , then in the cafe of may anorthodox Gentleman that is drowned in thecares andpleafures of this life : Tea I think it will be eagerfor a Socrates a Plato, in the day ofjudgement, thenfor fich. Chriflianity is a prraíáácal Religion It is a,devoted feeking, for another life, by,,