Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

V,4 100 The crucifying of you pradife ? Then how beautiful would. tbe feet beof them that bring you the tidings of fuch good things ? What honour, ableperfons (hould Minifters be ? and howwell worthy ofyour Tythes and more ?. Then you would not fwell againft their Doe &Me or Application ?. nor cavil at them infteadof underftaud- ing them, nor fcorn them as men of a ufelefs office, nor take them foryourenemies, nor refufe to come to them and ask their advice. WretchedHylincrites I It is our office to help them to Everlafting Kingdom ; and the more diligent we are in this, the more they hate us.: if we fend for them toInftrila them per- fonally,or catechize them, orhelp them in the matters of falva- tion, theyfeotn tocome, and ask us, Bywhat Authority we fend for them ?. But if we could teach them all to be Princes, or Lords, or Gentlemen, yea or but to get a fewChitlings more then they have, none would drawback/KNone ofthem would askus, By what Authority do you fend for us ? Had we but money enough to feed them all, Owhat good men we fhould be and how many friends fbould we have ? and how eafily might we perfwade them I If oneman had all the money in the Land, and could fecure it,and the difpofal of it from violence, what night not that man do ? and who is it that wouldnot be on his fide, ex- cept thofe few that have Crucified, the world ? The multitude would even follow the man that bath money, as an horfe will follow him that hathhis provender : and yet they will hypocriti- cally pretend to be Crucified to the world. But if indeed they are fo, how comes At to pals that Confcience is fooften ftretcht and wracked to make it own a gainful caufe I and that matly that have feemed godly can breakover all bounds , of,.Law and Charity , Priendtbip and. Religion , to attain the dignities or riches which they_fo delire ? and will tread down the neareft friend , and Chrift himfelf as much as in themb eth if he Rand in the way of their affefted exaltation. Yea foul and all fliall be ventured in this game : Rife they muff, and rife theywill, ifthey can procure it. Whatever become of Heaven they muff have Earth, Seeing it is their God, their End, perfar aut nefas it muff be had. As the Common wealths man faith , Salt's populifrupre- ma Lcx ego ; and the Chriffian faith , The pleafing of God is the ,fiepream Law fo the woridlings maxime is, that thektereg of he fielb thereepreamLaw. Andare chafemen Crucified to the 3.If world ?