Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Cratclfytngof the world, Chrifts incarnation,but is fomewherehid with Henoch andElias, and will appearwhen the Jews do mend their lives and are wor- thy of him. Thus a worldly carnal mind that blindly admireth worldly things, and favoureth not the, things of theSpirit, nor difcerneth the excellencyof the Hevenly riches, Both makethem to beopen Infidels, and make the Turks adore their Mahomet andmakes the nominali baftardChrifian to fet fo light by the true Riches of the Gofpel , and only to honour the nameof Chrift : for they cannot receive the things of God, becaufe they areSpiritually difcerned,t Cor. z. 14. Werenot you worldlings, you would difcern more matter for your admiration, reverence and love in the pooreft heavenlyminded man,then in the greaten Prince on earth that is ungodly. But youhave theFaith of je- fus Chrift the Lord of Glory with refpe& of perlons. For if there come into your Affembly a man with a gold ring, in goodly apparrel , and there come in allo a poor man in vile rayment youhave refpeci to him that weareth the gay cloathing , and fay to him, fit thouhere in a good place : and fay to the poor, Rand thou there ; defpifing the poor, and committing fin byrefpeet of perfons, as if you believed not that God had chofen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the Kingdom which he bath promifed to them that love him ram. 2. i. to . the r o. Obj. But snuff we not honour thegifts of God ? Richer are hie giftr. AnfW. Yes, according to theirnature and ufe : Riches are a gift which be giveth even to his enemies and to thofe that mull perifh for ever and few that have them come to heaven. But Holinels is a gift which he giveth to none but his beloved and is the beginningof eternal life. Which thenMould be molt ho- noured ? Obj. Tat Woutdyoudrawmen to defpife Dignities and Autho- rity ? Anftt. Authorityis one thing, and worldlyRiches is another. We reverenceAuthority more then youdo. We lookon it as a beam fromGod, as participatingof fomewhat that is Divine ; I look on a Magiftrate as Gods officer, and one that deriveth his Authority fromhim ; and I no more acknowledge anyPower which is not efficiently fromGod as the fupream Rector of the univerfe,