Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface. orgorgeyour (elves at afeat', pride over poor mens corn in hawking andhunting, then togovern the «emmon- wealth , and by udgement and Example to lead thepeople in the waits of life ! What abundance ofyou wafle your precious hears infeafling, and[ports, and idlenefs, and complement- ing, and things impertinent to your great bitfnefs in the world,as ;ham hadnogreater things tomind ? Hadyou been by another commanded toa Dung-cart , or like a C<<rryer to follow pack- horfes,(anhonefler andmore honourable life then yours)you would thinkyour (elves enflavedand dilhonoured: Andyet when Godbathfet before you an EternalGlory , you debate your own fouls by wilful drenching them in theplea- fares, and cares , and vanities of the world, andhave no mind of that high and noble work , which Godappointed you.Sothat whenmanypoor men are ennobledby an Heaven- ly Difpofition, andan HeavenlyConverfation, you enfave yourJelves to that which they tread underfeet , and refute the only noble life That which they account and drofs, anddung, that they may win Chrift and b and in him, (Phil. 3. 7, 8. ) that do you delight in and live upon Ai your treafure. When once you know whether Godor your money be better, whether heaven or earth , whether eternity or time be better , you will then know which is thenobleft life. Nay what abundance are there among you, that make a very trade offenfuality, and turnyourfumptuous houfes in- toflies, andyour gorzeous atparelinto hanfom trappings, if theappurtenances may receive their names from the ffe fors :. Thatnever knew what itwas to fpend one day or hour of your lives, in a diligentfearchofyour heartsandwaies andheart- breaking lamentation ofyourfin and mifery, and inferìsus thoughts of the life to come : but go onfrom feafi tofeaft, andcompany to company, andfrom one pleafure to another, asif you mufl never hear of this again ; and as if you