Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

z la The Crucifying of the world, F,. is L ons to teachyou to underftand is , and yet do you not know a word or Letter ? You do but lofe and abufe the creatures ofGod, if you fee him not in them ; and ifyou be not in the ufe of them led up tohimfelf. The heavensdeclare the Glory of God FF'. and the firmament flieWethhú handy work : Dadunto dayutterethfpeech , and night unto big: fhe eeth knowledge : there td nofpeech or lan- guage Where thtir voice t not heard .; their line isgone cut through all the earth, andtheir words to the endof the world, Pfdl. 19. I, 2, 3. and yet poor carnal wretches will riot underftand them. mil the Works of God do praife him ; for he is righteous inall his Waits, and holy in allhis works, Pfal. 145. r o, 17. and yet she wicked will not underftand. O how many talents muff the un- godly be accountable for, as having neglected them, and per- verted them from the prefcribed ufe ! Every creature that you fee is a Teacher of Divine things to you ; and you (hall anfwer for your not learning by them Every creature is an Herald Pent from heaven to proclaim the will of your Maker, and your Du- ty : andyou gaze upon the Meffenger, and notehis garb and hear his voice, and never underftand or regard his Meffage. , I would you did but confider what you lofe by this your folly ! and what life and fweetnefs there is in creatures , which the hea- venlybelieverdraweth forth, and you have no tafteof ? And till the Spirit of Sanctification have fitted you to fuch a work , you arenever like'cffec`tually to talle it. For it is not every flue that can fuck honey from the fweeteft flower, though the Bee can do it from that which we call a flunking weed. An ignorant Country- man hash a Meadow that aboundeth with variety of herbs; he can make no other ufe of them -then to feed hiscattle with them : Or ifhe walk into his garden,he can only finell the fweetnefs ofa flower:huta skilful Ph, titian that knows rheirufe,can thence fetch a medicine that maybe a means to favehis life. But the Believing foul can yet go further,and there find that which mayfurther h +s falvation. If you have a Lease of yöur Lands, or a pardon for your life, that's written in an excellentchárac4er ì Thére's a great deal ofdifference betweenanother mans delight in viewing the character, andyours inconfideringof the fecurity-'you have by it for eftate or life. But thedifference is muchpeater in our pr'efentcafe, between thole that'have;Only thefuperftciàl fweet- nefs andleauty of the creature, to the pleafang of the flefn,and thole