Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

12 The Crucifying of the world, hands. There is not a filter way in the world to undo you, then by Turning to the creature , and forfaking God. You cry for more of theworld, and you are unfatisfied till you have it and when youhave it, you do but deftroy your fouls with it, by gi- ving it your hearts , which mutt be given onlyunto God. What a ftir domen make for temptation and deftruáion ? What colt and pains are men at to purchafe therm an Idol, and to make .provifìon for the flab, to farisfie its delires, when they confefs it to be the greateft enemy of their fouls ? Like a man that would give all that he bath for a coal of fire to'pur into the thatch ; even fuch is your delires after the world , and the ufe youmake ef it. 8. What abundance of precious timeand labourdo you lofe, which might and Mould be better fpent ì .moth not this world take up the molt of your care and (lrength and time ? You are about it early and late ! It is firft and tali, and almoft al- wales in your thoughts, It finde th you fo much to rho , that you have fcarce any time fomuch as tomind the God that made you, or to feek todrape theeverlafting mifery, which is near at hand. It hath taken up fo muchof your hearts, that when God fhould have them in any holy duty, or fervice for his Church, you are heartlefs. When you (hall fee your accounts caft up to your hands (as fhortly you fhafl fee it, though you will not now be perfwadto do it your felves) and when you (ball there fee , how many thoughts the world had in comparifon of God and howmany hours were laid out upon the world, when Gods fervice was caft by for want of time ; and how near the creature was to your heart, while God as a ftranger flood at the door : And, in a word, how the world was your daily bulnefs, while the matters of God ftept in but now and then upon the by ; you will then confers that you laboured in vain, and that your life and labour fhouldhave been heeler employed. Hath God given you but a fhort uncertain life, and laid. your everlaaing life upon it; and will you caft all away upon there tranfitory delights ? Howfhort a time have you for fo great a work ; and (ball the world have all ? Oh that you didbut know to how much great- er advantage you might have'fpent this time ani labour in Peek- ing God and an endlefs Glory ! One thing is needful make fare of that and walenot the :aft of your dales in vanity ! What