Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

120 The Crucifying of the world, SECT. XViII.. Vfe of Exhortation. 4E N Fathers and Brethren hearken to the word of 1 Exhortation which t have to deliver to you from the lord. I know that this world is near you, and the world to come is out of fight. I know the flabwhich imprifoneth thofe fouls, is fo much inclined to thefe fenfual things , that it will be pleated with, nothing elfe : Put yet I am to-tell you from the word of the Lord, that this world muff he forfaken before irforfake you, and that youmuff vilifie and let light by it and your heart and hopes muff be turned quite another way and 'you muff live as men of another world or you will undo your (elves and be loaf for ever. If you have thought that you might ferve God and Mam- mon, and Heaven and Earth might both be your End andPor- tion, and God and,, theworld might both have your hearts , 1 muff acquaint you that you are dangeroufly mtflaken. Unlels you have two heart,, One for God, and,one for the world : and two fouls, One to fave, andone to lofe. But I doubt when one foul iscondemned, you will not find another tobe faxed. - I muff plainly tell you, that the cafeof multitudes, not only of the :föt tillsvulgar, but of perfons of Honour and . Worth pful Gentle- men, is to palpablymiferable in the eyes ofimpartial difcerning men, that we are obliged to lament ir. We hear you fpeak as contemptibly of the world in anaffefted difcourfe,as any others: but we fee you follow it, with unwearied eagernefs : You dote upon it : You contrive and projeft how you may enjoy it ; You think you have got tome great matter when you have obtained it : A filthy (fir you make in the world , fume,of you, to the dif- quiet of all about you, that youmay be richer or greater then you are. 1 t takes up your heart, your time, your ffrength ; and viliibly it is the very work you live for, and the great game that you play, and the main trade that you drive on ; and all your Religious affairs come in but on the by, and God is put off with the leavings of the world : And if you are low in the world, or mils of your deliires, and luffer in theBeth ; you whine, ,and re- pine, as if. youhad lo(f your God and your Treafure. If you will deceive