Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Croft ofChri . 123 or Thieves. Its not for nothing that he tells us how [ rbt carts of the world, and thedeceltfulnefs of richer csaak,rhe Word, that it becorncth unfruitful, Luke 8. 14 Mar. 15. y+. The Ph.eri-es that were covetous deniedC!rirti, whenothers did believe , kke. 16. 14. They cannot be true Believers that receive Honour cne of another, coo f ek not the honour that cometb from God only , ?oúrr 5. 44. that is, who prefer the former. It is not for nothing that Chrilt ;.ffureth you, that it t! a.5 hard for a rich srs::n to enter info the ICrntdom of God, as fora Camel to gá throw a necd:'es rye, Which ihough it be po tfîble, cloth plainly thew fome extraordi- naryd:tiiculty, Mat. t 9. 23, 24. filchufe to go away forrowfui, when they hear of all, becete,,'e they arerich, Luke 18.2 3. Bath not rod chafer. the poor ofthis world, rich in faitth, to be heirs of the ii loga'cm , rrhich he hoth jrorni;e1 to t hem that love Tina tam. 2. 5. And the Holy Gloft faith not without caufe , that [ Not many W: fé menafter the ¡ efhh, "rot many mighty , not many noble arc called,] i Cor. T. 26. But god bath chofen the west; things of ehe world to confound the things that arc mighty ; and bale things of the world, and things that aredefpì/ed, huh [jodchofen, and things chat are rot, tobring to reaght things that are that no f eJTo /houldglory in ilia prcfence, v. 27,28, 29, It is the common cafe of profpering worldlings to play the fool after all Gods warnings and in their hearts to fay, Soul take thy r,ßß ; when they knownot but that right their fouls may becalled for Luke t 2. 20. O chat you would be pleated but confideratcly to read thole two pát.bles er hiflories, Luke I z. 16. and Luke 16, 19. which you have fo often read orheard inconfiderately. I beech you think not that we wrong fuch men, if we rank themwith the moll notorious (inners. The Apoille reckoncth them with the molt hainous tanners that fhould arife in the latt-daies, 2 Tim. 3. 2, 1. Covttow.o,and lover, of their own (elves; and lovers of plea. lures more" then god, and bids us turn awayfrom fuch. And he reckoneth'them among filth as the Church mull exco tmunicate, and with whom a Chriillian may not eat, I C,r. 5. :0,1 i. And with the notorious wicked menthat/hall not enti,r into the dimof f God, I Cor. 6. t O. Eph. 5 . 5 . I t is a fin ct to be oncenam- ed a000nó the "aiotj, Eph. 5.3. In a word, if you are worldlyor covetous, you are certainly wicked and abhorred by God, how highly (..ever you May be efleemed of men. Pfal«t Io. 3. The it 2 . Wicked