Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Crofs of Chri f . 125 durable Reft. What fay you ! Will you be divorced from the world and the flefh this day ! and take up with a naked Chrift alone, and the Hopes of an heavenly.felicity which he hath,pro_ mifed ? Will you bring forth that Traytor that bath had your hearts and lives fo long and let him die the death ? Shall the world this day be Crucified toyou, and you to it ? I am to let you know , that this is the thing that God expet}rth, and nothing lefs will ferve the turn , nor will any worldly kind of Religiouf- nefs bring you to falvation. This world and flail) are enemies to God, and you have been guilty of H gh Treafon againft his hilajefty by harbouring them, and Ierving them fo long. And I ammoreover to let you know, that God will have them down , one time orother : Either by his Grace, or by his Judgement ! Had you rather that Death and Hell fhould make the fepar.,tien, then that laving grace fhould do it ? Will you Uiil hide it as fugar under your tongue ? Will you obllinately cleave to it , when you know itsvanity, and the mifchief that fuch contempt of Godwill bring ? If you do fo, God will embitter it to you in the end 1 and he will make it gall in your mourbes, and torment toyour hearts, and you mall (pit it our, and be forced to confefs that it is no better thenyou were told. I do charge you there- fore in the name ofthe Lord, that you renounce thisworld with- out delay, and prefently and efeetuallyCrucifie it to your(elves. Youonce did it by your parents in Baptifm, and you have proved falle to that profeflion : Now do it by your (elves, and #land to what you do. If it had not been a part of Chriflianity , you had not been called to do it then : And therefore you mayun-, derftand , that it is but to, be Chriflians indeed that I perfwade you A Cbrifiian tborldling , is as meet a fialon , as a Cdriflian .14fe!. Enter now into your own hearts with a Reforming zeal. It fhould be the Terbple of the Holy Ghoft : down then with every Idol that is there ertcced : Whip out the buyers and fellers, and overthrow the moneyTables, and Puffer it not ro be made a denof thieves. Down with your `Dian.b'j: Though the world worfhipher ; God end his fanClified once delpife her. What the ungodly fay of our Zion, we fay of your Babel, Down with it rafe it, even to the foundation : it is a thing to be deftroyed : happy is he that dafheth the brats of worldly concupifcence againft the floats, Pf4'rn b 37.7, 8, 9. Mortifie your members R 3 that