Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Prefaee them not yet crying out of their folly and bewailing their lofs of prefent time , and lamenting in vain the unhappy choice that not' theymake. Sirs, believe it, future things are as lure as prefent : 7hefe things arenofables, becaufe they are not vifible yet : You fee not God, and yea he is the .Principal Intelligible objelt : you fee not your own Intel- leclual fouls ; andyet you knowyou have thane, by the Intel- lecíron of other things. Tau feenot your own eye-fight ; and yet you know that an eye-fightyouhave, by theteeing ofother things. If there were not an Invifible God, there would have beenno vifble creatures. Vifibles aremorevile , and arefor Isvifibles that are more noble. Our vifable Bodies , arefor our Invifble Souls. This vifïble life, is the womb of everlafling life that is Invifble : we are hatchedby the spi- rit in this lhell, till we are ready topafsforth into thatglori.. otos light that here we fee not. I befeech you Gentlemen awake, and be not to lamentably deceived, as to think that your honourable PleaPant Dreams , are theonly Realities, O no ! it is the life awaking hour , that will (hewyou the now unconceivable Realities. Tom are nowPit as in ¡eft in your pomp and pleafure ; but youfball then be ingoodfad- nefs in your pains and lofs ; if Sanctifying Grace do not prevent it , by putting you out of your ¡calling vein, and making you in good fadnefs to be men of Real Faith and Bolinefs, and about youfor the Real yoies. Believe it Sirs , the life of Chriflianity is not abaxe opinion : It is a living by faith upon a life invifble : and f©,ferious refol- ving a Belief of the Truth of the everlafling ble(fednefs(as purchafedandgiven by : efus ChrifI toperfevering Saints) as ef'el uafly turneth the affections and endeavours of the man tothe Loving andPeeking it aboveall this world. Its one thing!o takeGodand heaven for your portion, as Belie-. vers do ; andanother thing to bedefroue of it as a refe ve, when you can keep the worldno longer. Its one thing to f ?b- (e Z) mit