Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface. a. bed of gold or a bed of wood, his difeafe is carried with him. It is not a golden bed that will cure adifeafed man : Nor is it all thegoldor honour in the world, that will' helpfach a deluded foul, as thinks this world will make l im happy. Get but thecure of your Carnal minds , and a little will ferveyou. For it is your finful fancy that would have much, andnot your nature that needs much. Saith Seneca, Si ad'naturam vives, nunquam eris pauper ; fi ad opi- nìonem, nunquam eris dives : Exiguum natura deiide- rat ; Opinio immenfum. ] 11e is not the poor man that bath but little ; but he that wouldhave more : Nor is he the Rich man that bath much, but be that is content with what he bath. If you pray but for your daily bread, be not flab hypocrites a,s. by the bent of your delires to crofs your graters. .The nearefl way to Riches, faith the Laforaltfl. is the con tempt of Riches ; and faith the Cbrifl-an , to be Rich in faith, andheirs of the Kingdom which Godbath prornifed all that Love him , Jam. 2.5. Thegreatefl Richer are got (proportionably) on the ea[iefl terms Loving the world will not procure it : but Loving Godwill procure the ever- fruition of his Love. c.Mtllions love theworlá that mils' of it : but noman miffeth of God that Loveth him, above the world. Buy not thefegawds then at a dearer rate, then you may have the Kingdom. If you have not enough make fare of heaven and that will be enough foryou and get a cure feryour difeafedminds, which is eafier and more profitable then tofulfill them. Noman, faith Seneca, can have allthe world : but he may have a mind that can con- temn alitheworld. \re man can have allthat he will : but he may be content to be without it. The difeafe is withinyau, and there mull be the Cure. .Direct. 2. Be. Pure to fix with a ferious faith upon the Inivfble glory as your portion : and then look at all things in thisworld , as good or bad, as they refpet íe..3) yoia. 11111111111111