Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface. is Devoted to him, to be :fled ? he wouldhave you Put him notoff with (craps andleavings, thatgave you all. So much as youfave from him, you lofe, andworfe then lofe s and fo much as you lfe for him, andfurrender to him, andimprove for him, you fave andmore then fave. For Godlinefs with content is great gain. Andhe that is faithful in a little, (hall be made ruler over much, its thus that all things arefaní`lifled with the Saints. Dirct . 3. Thinknot that your Riches are givenyou to fulfill the leafy inordinate defire of the fief") : Or that you may take ever the more fenlual eafe or pleafure , if you had all the world : But remember that better wages obligeth you to more work end therefore rife as early , and labour as hard in your own employment (the more for the common good, the better) yea and deny yourfefh ad much, ifyou had but foodand rayment. if you have much, give the more, and ufe the more, but en joy never the more ; and let not your fenfoal defiresfind ever themore provifion: A rich man that is wife, anda faithful Steward, may live in ad much(elfdenyal, and labouras hard , and humble hisflefh as much, as he hat bath but his daily bread. God fens you not in provifion for his enemy : All that is made thefoodof fin, or that loth not helpyou up to God , is employedcontrary to the end that you received itfor. Direty. 4. Be lure that you deal with the worldasa Dec iver : Be very fufpiciou6 of allyour Riches , and Ho. hours, and Delights. Feed not on thefe lufciotts fummer- fruits too boldly, or withoutfear. Rememberhowmany mil- lions the world hath deceived before you.,, None come to Hell but thofe that are cheated thither by the flelh and the world. With what exceedingvigilancy then have you need to dealwith fucha dangerauc deceiver.; whenall your-happï. nefs,andallyour hopes is at the ffake:'and ifyou bedeceived, you.ttre undone. lufarce i4 notbig(operidew.:as its fraud,