Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface. by. Say not thatyou have not wealth, or interefi , or oppor- tunity;7he ;rich havefull opportun ties: The poor have their two mites , or their cup of cold water to give toa Difciple. And he that hashneither, may have it W 1 to give thous lands ayear : And this is our comfort that have but little , that [ if there be fiat a willing minJ , it is ac. gated ac- .cording to that a man hath, and not according to that he bathnot ] a cor. 8. r z, Ba: where [there is a readi- nefs to will, there will alto be a performánce out of that which youhave j f you befncere, Verf t ; . Et Nun- quam ufque eo i; tercluta furit omnia , ut nulli aótioni boneftx locus fit.-- Nunquam inutilis eft opera civis boni : Au itu enim, vif vulva, nutu, obftmatione ta- cita, inceffuq; ipfo prodeft. Ut falutaria quædam citra guftum tac`tumq; odore proficiunt ; ita virtus utilitatern etiamex lon_,inquo& latens fundit,, five fpargitur, & fe utitur no jure; five precarios habet exceffus , cogiturq; vela contrahere : five otiofa mutaq; eft, & anguftocir- cumfcripta ; five ad ¡perta : inquocunq; habitu eft, pro- deft. Seneca de Tranq. ! I give you not thefe paffages of firangers toChriíl,as ifhis Doelrine neededanyfuchpatches; but as imagining that the termer of thole 1 /peak to, may needfuch a double teflimony, and to fee the Book of Nature as well as of Grace: and to let you underffand how unex curable a Profeffed Chriflian is that is wore then an In- fidel. ) I have been long, and yet 1 would I haddone. I have taught you, andyet 1fear left you have not learned. I have toldyou whatyou knew before, (unlefs it be besaufe you will not know it; ) andyet have more need to hear it,then a thou- fand things that you never knew. 1 have fee you an ealle Lefon, hardto be Learned.; Were butyourfenfes Rational , or wereyour Will but dif-engagedandmorally Free ,the work were done, and that would be learnt inan hour , that the Church