Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

ro my Worthy FAI ÉAC!? a THOMAS F O L E y, Efuire. SIR, r`,..° P o N a double account I have thought it meet todirect this Trea. tife firf} to you : Firft becaufe the firf} Embrio of it was an Afsize Sermon preached at your defire, when you were high Sheriff of this County, which drew me to addmore, till it fweli'd to this , which force of my Brethren have perfwaded toventure into theopen world. Secondly,be- caufe God hath given you a heart to be exem- plary in Praóifing the Do&rine here deliver- ed : And I think I (hall teachmen the more fiiccefsfully when I can (hew them a Living Le%n for their imitation. I never knew that you refuted a work of Charity that was mo- tioned to you; but of have you offered me A 2 that