Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

Thefe Books following of the fame Authors, are alfoPrinted for .\e vil Simmons Bookfeller in iÇeder- minfier. Rue Chriftianity,or Chrifts Abfolute dominion,and mans neceffary felf-re fignation and Subletion,in two Af- fize Sermons, preached at Worcefter, in 12'. A SermonofJudgement preached at Pauls, before the Honourable Lord Major and Aldermen of the City of London,Decenb.17. 16s4. and now enlarged,in i 2°. Making light ofChrift and Salvation.toooft the Erne of Gofpel Invitations, manifeft in a Sermon preached at Lawrence Tory in London, 8°. The Agreement ofdivers Minifters ofChrift in the CountyofWorcefter for Catechizin g or perfonal Inftru- aing all in theirfeveral Parifhes that will Confent there- unto, containing i. The Articles of our agreement. 2. An Exhortation to the people to fubmit to this ne- ceffary work. 3. The Profeffion of Faith and Cate - chifm, in8°. Gildas